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My Hydro Grow Sucks and it is expensive....

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by FML666, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. I'm so sick of failing!
    I moved my 4 plants from the cloner to my rdwc system. They were perfect! And looked good for 48 hours.
    I moved them and replaced all my water. Added GH Lucas (1/2 nutes) with a double dose of voodoo.
    My water is around 68 degrees. And they are droopy as hell!
    I tried my best to get rid of light leaks with reflective tape and Mylar over the resivoir.
    My water level is high for the bennies...
    How the hell do you make this work....
    This is causing me serious anxiety and pure rage....
    I want to kill people!!

    100 litres in the system
    2 pumps in the resivoir (1 for circulation 1 for cooler)
    1/8 cooler set to 68
    Air pump in resivoir and in each bucket
    1/2 GH Lucas
    Voodoo double dose

    I had the plants in a cloner till 2 days ago, they were perfect. Then after 48 hours in the new tent I flipped the lights. Today is the first 12 hour dark. The lights turn on at 8 am. It is 2 pm now. They were fine up until today.

    I used the Lucas calculator for nutes. I added 1/2.
    I look at other systems.....I cover all the bases...
    I'm rambling.....


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  2. I added 30 ml of peroxide.
    I guess I'm giving up on bennies.....
    How often do you replace the peroxide?
    Every 3 days.
    I could see little particles on the roots....
    I guess root rot is back...
    I don't believe that bennies and h20 cooler work. When guys say they run a 70+ degree resivoir with bennies is bull....I have tried and tried again. With bennies and RDWC.. with zero luck
    I'm going sterile...
    I will be back if it gets worse....or better....

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  3. Download a lux meter at Google play store. Tell me what your lux is at the canopy. You want at least 20k.

    With BB you can run 72 temps. I would recommend doing this.

    It looks overfed (bright red stems all the way around and dark green leafs) or not enough light, but then node spacing would be far.

    Measure your ppms now and in 7hrs. If your ppms increase your overfeeding,if they drop your perfect. It's hard to underfeed in hydro.

    What is your humidity levels too? If it is too high the plants cannot transpire properly leaving them heavy. Hydro doesn't require high humidity levels due to the bubbles popping and blowing the mist up through the plant. I keep mine at 50 from veg through flower, no issues.

    So anyways keep me updated.. Il remember to come here till ur lined out. I'm on thcfarmer.. It's where the best hydro guys are. If I can't fix you they can.

    But your growing, that's what matters... Just keep fine tuning it. Transplants also shock the roots.. Expecially if you cut them.
  4. Lol I'm running 73 Temps actually.. Check my profile. There is no bull.. If you want your plants to look like mine, and grow as fast as kine, do what I say. If you want to go sterile and run low res Temps go for it.. You will pay in growth rates.. But sure it's easier.. Lol
  5. Yes because plants love low temps and peroxide
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  6. DUDE! (Cashmeh)
    Hopefully the sterile route works....
    Then maybe bennies?
    I might be taking too much on at once.
    I looked at your setup...I don't see anything special that I am missing....
    I fixed the light leaks (I think)
    I came down to the basement expecting healthy plants..but no..
    Where does root rot come from? Insects? Or does it just sit dormant till conditions are met?
    So fricking annoyed.
    Thanks for the hydro store are more interested in

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  7. I do not know the humidity. My battery died.
    My 600w ballast is set to 400w with a 600 w mh bulb.
    So set to 400w my lux value is just under 2000 x10
    My ppms at 3:11 are 1080...
    Nutes were about 600ppm the rest is voodoo and hygrozyme. My water is about 200 ppm.
    Temp in tent is mid 20's (75 f)
    Water is 68..
    I gotta goto work..I will check ppm when I get home.[​IMG]

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  8. Yep so let's let the plant tell us what's wrong. I will assume when you Check your ppm in 5hrs the ppm will be higher, might take 10hrs if so.. Your overfeeding. You want your ppms to slowly drop.

    Root rot will be promoted when the conditions are right. My system would not operate without bbs. As for sterile I'm not that guy, go over to thcfarmer for help with sterile systems.

    In my experience fast growth comes from fast res temps. It's rare to find those of us who can make 72f work in rdwc.. Very rare.. All I can say is massage them roots twice a day, keep them submerged and use hydroguard.. As for your sterile methods you will have to follow others advice.
  9. Your lux is fine.. Ur giving it plenty of light.

    Make sure your humidity is. Under 60% so they leafs can transpire well. Hydro needs perfect transperation.

    If you want to get technical you want your leaf Temps to be 77f with a thermal gun.
  10. NICE!
    I work 12 hours..I will check at 4am.
    Thanks for the help fellas.....

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  11. They still look like crap.
    My ppms are the same.
    This seriously ruins my day..every day.
    I don't know what to do...
    Take out 5 gallons and replace with fresh water?

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  12. Are your roots slimy at all?
  13. Yes kinda.....
    Not SLIMEY...
    But there are little particles.
    I'll try to take a tablet is worn takes crappy pics.
    When I put the plants in the roots were beautiful (from my DWC cloner)
    When I added nutes I used Lucas calculator and cut it in half and bennies. There wasn't quite enough to cover the roots so I added 5 gallons at 600ppm (400 ppm nutes)
    This morning I took out 5 gallons of res water and added 5 gallons of fresh water with 30 ml of h202.
    The roots are not SLIMEY....but..I think if I didn't add h202 they would be much worse....I think...I don't know.
    What else is there?
    Sterile, no light leaks anymore, ph is good, light is good, water temp is good.
    Food seemed like it was at a decent level.
    How about I buy a ticket from air Canada and you come fix it!! Lol

    My old lady thinks I'm crazy. "You spend so much money on growing weed. Why don't you just buy's cheap!"


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  15. You helped out quite a bit already.
    I fixed my light leaks.
    I want to use bennies.
    Can I get them established with peroxide then add bennies later?
    I posted on thc talk in hydro.
    Hopefully someone knows

    I had the bennies..low temp and roots submerged...I still got root rot..

    I might have to try something other than rdwc. I'm pissed.....this sucks.

    Thanks for trying cashmeh.
    I appreciate it.

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  16. not talk, they are a bunch of idiots on talk. I wouldnt do anything they say lol. The guys that taught me are at There are around 100 sterile system experts that could help you, and then us who are live and can help you.

    So the bb's are more of a preventative measure.

    Here ill give you the post, the man made this, hes a genius, I would recommend doing this. .

    Aqua Mans method to cure root rot (live systems only)
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  17. Cashmeh, thanks for the help!
    I have healthy roots!!
    I'm using bennies...not peroxide...
    I bought a good pH meter and taped up the light leaks..bought a ro filter and a more powerful air pump.
    I have growth! And no slime!
    I am so fricking stoked!
    Thanks for the help man!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. Going off your photos, your air hoses are letting light in, that will give you rot.

    looks to be like your air pump is under powered, I had massive issues when the water didn’t look like it was boiling…..

    as for beneficial bacteria, it really only starts to work when you have a decent amount of roots in the buckets..
  19. Seeing those roots the girls should bounce back quickly
  20. How do you suggest I cover the hoses? Just use some more of the reflective tape? Do you need to cover the entire length? Or just a foot or two.

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