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My Hydro Grow Sucks and it is expensive....

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by FML666, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Hi,
    I have put months into this project and I have 0 success....
    My roots are small and my plants are limp.
    600w mh
    Vented hood
    Undercurrent DWC
    4x4 tent
    Airstones in resivoir and buckets
    I have tried peroxide and voodoo, tarantula..(not at the same time)
    1/8 HP Water cooler
    Cooler set temp 68, actual temp 70
    I use fox farms grow.
    Keep my ph 5.5 -6.5
    700 ppm veg fox farms liquid

    I got root rot on a different set of clones. So I tried a cooler, root rot continued so I used peroxide on this set and have not had root rot.

    I just (2 days) re added the bennies hoping the root rot is at bay with the airstones and water cooler.
    These plants are at least a month old. I had them in a clone (4 spot bubble cloner) and that is when it grew the most.

    I hope I posted this in the right place. I am new to your forum...

    Thank you,

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  2. no matter how much you cool the water, the pump itself will still heat up if running 24/7. My solution to this was to just throw the pump on a 3on/2off timer. This reduced the surface temp of the pump and in turn reduced the algae/funk build up that was causing my rootrot.

    There's a hydro section too..those guys might be able to advise better. A mod can move this thread to that subforum if you want, just ask nice :)

    *personally I'd dump the foxfarm stuff and switch to general hydro nutes and run the lucas formula. Info on the lucas formula is here.
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  3. I too tried DWC with little success and no end of problems. So I went soil with really good results and very few problems. Try Fox Farms Ocean and Forest or Happy Frog. You will have far better results and far fewer problems.
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  4. I do have a tent with soil and I actually get to harvest....The hydro is more of a project. But I would really like to see it succeed. I will try putting my pumps on timers. How do I ask a mod to move this.
    Thanks for the responce

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  5. hmm..I'm sorry I dunno know how to actually summon a mod. I guess you just tag them and they cast the spell to move it. I'm kinda a stoner though and I forget all the mod names. I swear they used to all be listed in a sidebar.. somewhere...hmm.

    let's try to summon a nice smart user and see it they know how to summon a mod.

    @BrassNwood plz halp! how can we tag a mod to move this thread to the hydro area?
  6. @Chunk
    Purty Please move to the Hydro section.

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  7. What about flood and drain so you dont need constant water flow? Are you glued to your current dwc setup? Considering it will make you open other hydro grow methods. Independent bubble buckets always works wonders

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  8. If it helps . 63f is where the water should be in DWC. This is the best for max o2 exchange . And not to get rot .
    Unless you have a chiller or ocd with ice cubs or ice bottles you should just use soil .
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  9. Just use dirt is not helpful. I want to learn hydro....I can already grow good weed in dirt.
    I have a 1/8 hp cooler.
    I don't have root rot anymore.
    The cooler is set to 68 with voodoo and hydroshield (chitosan) I bought GH micro and bloom to try Lucas.
    I have 4 Dwc plants in a cloner that are good to go!
    I don't understand why my rdwc plants don't grow.....
    Thanks for the helpful comments. Lol

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  10. Also, no i am not glued to my setup. It was just the easiest step from a single bucket DWC (which I have had success with).
    I have been trying to make this setup works for others.....
    My Hydro store is helpful for basics...but this is beyond their help.
    I'm sure someone else has a similar setup with success.
    Thanks again guys

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  11. Can we see the setup? Clear pictures and how the buckets sit in comparison to the resi. Pumps and equipment list would help.

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  12. You have alot of light leaks. Res Temps only encourage bacterial growth if does not create it.

    Put blankets over all your pipes. Make sure no light is going in anywhere.

    You also need to pick which system you want to use. As in sterile or live. I like live systems. I use hydroguard. It's a bacteria that eats root rot. When done correctly it works perfect.

    So fix the light leaks, even the white pipes leak light. It should be pitch black inside your system.

    Next buy hydroguard, if u can't find it get Southern ag. It's a different strain of bacteria but it's more concentrated and just as effective.

    Next take your plants to your sink, or run a hose to your plants. U need the water to be the same temp as your res water was to prevent shock. Rinse the roots while bairly massaging them. Nasty stuff will fall off.. Thats good don't worry about roots that break off, ur hydro, when u fix it.. It Will bounce back fast.

    Now drain your system and cut your feed. In half for now. It's near impossible to underfeed in hydro. Most problems in hydro are root rot or over feeding. Keep your roots fully submerged when combating root rot. It allows the chemicles in sterile or bacteria in live to work better. I always keep my netpot under water and my grows show why lol..

    Check out my grow too if you iffy about a chemicle purchase.

    So then add double dose of hydro guard. 4ml per gal. This will fix it guaranteed. Your new and in hydro, stay with it.. You won't regret it. Once you understand how it happened it won't happen again.

    I like high res Temps 72-74, which is a danger zone for hydro due to root rot.. But my methods allow me to run at high Temps unlike most.

    I'm on other forums offering advice too. Just not giving out no links. Same name. I don't check this site as much as I should.

    Good luck sir.
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  13. I veg for 2 months at 300 ppm, which is why I mentioned cutting your ppms. I promise it won't make your problem worse.
  14. Thanks all!
    I have some more pictures.
    My water supply is limited to a low flow. That is why the cooler is at 59. The actual temp in the buckets is closer to 68.
    My Hydro store doesn't sell hydroguard.
    I was under the impression the voodoo and tarantula were the same kind of thing.
    I will buy hydroguard online (or the other brand mentioned)
    I have a roll of reflective tape I will cover the white pvc.
    As for the hydroshield and hygrozyme..I got from the company as a sample. The lady at the company said those products might help..So I tried.
    In the resivoir I have 2 pumps. One for the cooler and one for circulation.
    I also have 2 Airstones in the resivoir and a waterfall from the cooler pump.
    I took out 1/2 of the nutrient solution and added fresh water yesterday.

    Now that I have added more air and bumped the temperature down I don't see any root rot anymore. Also the voodoo and tarantula. I tried sterile, but, I had problems. The bennies seem to be the way to go.

    The annoying thing is the little DWC that I clone with works great! Very little problems. When I move it to my rdwc....death.....that is the picture with decent roots. I was using bennies but saw some snot on the roots..I added h202 and new roots came right away.

    I covered my pipes with cloth for now. I will use tape on the weekend.
    I sure hope the white pipes are the problem.

    At some point should I just give up on the 4 plants in rdwc and put in the new clones? Or will these ones spring to life once requirements are met?

    I am very stubborn..I WILL NOT QUIT! Lol.

    I also have the feeling that one I figure this out I will be good. I have gotten the rot at bay. I seem to have a nutrient lockout of some kind.

    I have dumped my resivoir out so many times......hundreds of dollars of nutes and bennies down the drain....

    I will check out your system...I will learn something.


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  15. I use calmag flora trio and hydroguard for veg.

    For flower I add silica blast, don't do that lol.. You don't.. But anyways.. I add it and massive.. You can use massive.. But it's expensive... Doubles your ppm too. Just a simple flower add on.. Well worth the money.

    Anyways... Simply your nutrients until you get some harvests under your belt. I would just use hydroguard, trio and calmag.. It will grow buds better than dispensarys. All the other shit isn't needed unless you understand why your putting it in...

    Never take advice from hydro stores. Check all forums. I'm more active at thcfarmers.
  16. Using Fox Farm nutes you said? I would not recommend those for hydro at all. Good for soil maybe, but you really don't want organic material floating around in your res. Its asking for... you can guess this part... root rot.

    You can get away with just the 3 main bottles of GH for a pretty decent result, and not too much money to get started. Anything that is immediately available (which will be a salt) is what you want.
  17. Im probably not much help but a simple run to waste with coco and perlite would have more control. DWC looks like it needs a lot of variables controlled properly.
  18. I agree and disagree. Starting out, of course your right. Its far simpler than active hydro, yet faster growth rates than soil. Its a win all around. Anyone who says passive hydro is bad is just silly.

    But what I will say, is im glad I never ran it that way. Active hydro produces such fast results and once you understand the main aspects, it only gets easier.

    I use 80 gallons. Ph swings are like stupid slow. I adjust ph once a week, no top feeding, and the growth rates lol. . its wild watching it. I would say people get too comfortable in passive which makes them never try active. I can assure everyone, the just like from switching from soil to passive, passive to active is one hell of a growth rate. You can flower earlier and get faster growth.

    My profile has my system in it. They are just now 2 months from sprout. They will be trees when harvested at 4 months from seed.

    The benefits seen when jumping from soil to passive will be also be noticed when going from passive to active. Its mind blowing honestly, and it only gets easier.
  19. Well in the future if you do decide to try something different don't be afraid to ditch equipment and try something new. I have several litres of canna flores I'm not going to use after completing changing it up. Even with all the dialing in I did with my ec and ph, I could never get as big plants as I have now in soil.
  20. I grew hydroponics in the early 90s with good results, using 4 inch rockwool cubes. Set them on a sheet of plywood with sides and lined it with plastic, and had the table on a 1 inch tilt. Would flood the table every 12 hours with two timers. One to flood the table and one to drain the table 15 minutes later. The roots just laid on the table coming out of the rockwool cubes. The cubes hold enough water to keep the roots from drying out. If I ever got back into hydroponics I would do the same setup. Had a plastic garbage can that hold my nutrient water. Very easy to keep the ppm and pH where you wanted it and had 3 430watt HPS lights above table. Rooted clones and veg them for two weeks then went to 12/12 to finish them off. Sample setup and worked very well. Might try something like that and cheap set up.

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