My humidity is out of control :-/

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  1. It's been over a week now that my humidity is been 65%+.

    What should i use to control it?
  2. If you've exhausted all ventilation options.. a dehumidifier.

  3. Elaborate on what you mean by ventilation options please.

    I am getting ready to go buy a dehumidifier from a thrift store. Last time I was there I remember they had 5+ of them
  4. humidity is build up moisture in the tent so running the exhaust fan (ventilation) takes the hot air/moisture out.. proper ventilation should keep the temps and humidity levels good .. running cold air helps lower it too
  5. 1st off, i misspoke on the time frame. It's been weeks that my humidity had been like this...maybe even 2 months.

    I remember I actually turned my fan speed controller( variac) down as I thought that the higher temps would lower the humidity? Lol

    I will turn my fan to maximum today and add the dehumidifier and see what happens.

    I'm also running a portable AC unit in my living room. I just read that those portable AC units can cause high humidity
  6. Are you in veg or flower?
  7. Flower. Basically 3 different stages. Early flower. Middle flower . And late flower.

    Looks like I'll be chopping another main cola soon :-/. I found more bud rot starting.

    Thankfully it's only the top colas getting it. None of the other buds have it. Also, it's only the the plants in late flower that's being affected.
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    same happened to me on my last plant i made it to harvest without it getting too bad .. after i chopped the plant as i was trimming i just picked the Rotted/mold parts off and kept the rest.. i noticed alot more Rot inside the buds on mine.. but if you notice rot or mold spreading to other buds i think chopping the cola might be a good move.. that woud suck

    heres a thread from like a week ago with some info on the subject.. read Tbone's posts good info
    Humidity too high, need solution w/o dehumidifyer?
  9. Put more fans in and get more air movement around your plants. As long as you keep the air moving good, should bring the humidity down.

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