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My Honey blunts

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by vegetable, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I want to share my honey blun recipe.

    First get a good blunt (ones with outer leaf is preferred )
    Remove outer leaf.
    Slice it gut it roll it. (do everything as you would usually do)


    Take a frying pan and put some honey on it
    Adjust the temp so it would melt like butter
    Put your blunt on it and roll it all around so honey gets distributed equally all around. Now here you can get bit creative : add your faw beverage on it (scotch , rum , liqueur whatever ). Personally best thing i had so far is Baileys . Now cook it on low flame till everything gets on your blunt, you will get amazing caramel smell.
    Now take that outer leaf and put it back on (close to the end you will be holding, so your hands dont get all sticky)

  2. does smoking honey and all that other shit hurt?
    never tried it.
  3. Oh its amazing, best smoke i had.
    Slow burn, thick and soft smoke, and sweetness oh the sweetness.
  4. whats the point? does it burn slower or something?

  5. Yes, read my prev post.

    Next time il cook will take some pics.
  6. Putting honey on your blunts is great. I never tried the frying pan method. Looks interesting.
  7. Don't smoke blunts very often.. Will it work with joints?
  8. Some people say its safe

    Some people say its not safe.

    Evidence shows when Smoking honey/sugar the Sugar crystallizes in your lungs, making it where your slowly blocking off your lung from air(crystallized sugar forms on lung) like resin in perc bongs.

    I could imagine being safe after a couple of honey blunts.

    I could also imagine smoking to many blunts covered in Honey in a amount of time(weeks) then coughing up weird flem from your lungs. I mean i could imagine it getting pretty nasty, sense all the air you would be breathing has particles and germs which would stick to the crystallized sugar in your lungs.

    But I could be wrong and people just live with it :smoking:

  9. You can try, but i dont think its worth it, smth may go wrong. Blunt is very hot so it can burn honey with ease.

    I usually smoke joints, but a blunt once and a while is A MUST !
  10. #10 gwardmonger316, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    true that, bro.
  11. Just be warned burning the sugar found in honey is harmful for your lungs, and you're smoking blunts which is also harmful...

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