My homies call me juicey Juice

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Juicey Juice, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. i know juicey spelled wrong there a story behind that let me tell you about myself i love getting high, im down for anything man you got coc, pcp, meth, fizz, lsd dmt5 fuck man i made easily 35g off of cooking meth man thats another story, i love bud a lot to my first story of getting high is this:

    okay me and 2 homies had this shit called blue dream, 1 of my homies named Joseph or (chodefish) made a shitty vaep and we went down in this tunnel and okay joseph a big bitch not dont worrie i say this shit to his face the best way to do it. anyways he gave me and chris a hit he took his and this crazy shit happend i was high we went to this park and we swong on the swings and we were all laughing are ass off right and i called him a chodefish and he got butthurt and went home and so we called him that ever since anyways me and chris went to my house and listen to music and we woke up the next day with a shit load of food by us and the weed gone

    thats a little about me man
  2. Nice to meet you Juicey Juice

    don't fuck with meth that shit is bad for your teeth man
  3. wow dude, just wow.
  4. yeah ive been trying to get away from meth for awhile payson, utahs a fucking scech man

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