My homemades!!! Bongs bubblers!!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. HEY Guys, just some of the homemades that i made... tell me how yah like em... and if u got a good name??? maybe a homemade of ur own?? one u found off the net?? a good idea for one?? a way to improve mine??? which one you would want??

    The duck one is named MIGHTY DUCK
    Thomas the Toke Engine
    The twinkling toker
    Double Bubble

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  2. yeah man but i diddnt have a bowl stem or down tube.. mine is allll homemade
  3. Thomas the toke engine :D

    What a name, what a design
  4. thanks man, i was high when i thought of it
  5. dont you have a video on youtube or something, these seem reaallly familiar..
  6. yeah i did, but my parents found out about it and they flipped a shit cuz im tryin to get into schools

  7. Thats very true. I just used surgical tubing for the down tube and the ashcatcher is whats left of my friends broken PURP (RIP). That six flags bong is pretty sweet.
  8. thanks, that was my favorite one
  9. I made my bubbler out of a gar by drilling holes in the top and bottom tell me what you think.
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