My homemade home depot plumbing bong

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  1. [​IMG]

    The solo cup is for scale, this is a three foot tall 25 lb beast. Its got a reversible bowl, and the red faucet is the carb.
    It took about three hours of trial and error playing with different parts in the plumbing aisle, but finally I got it to all screw together perfectly. Its like legos for men.
  2. Looks cool. Different thats for sure!
  3. it would be funny as hell to see someone bring that assembled to the register to buy it, haha

    good shit man
  4. how much did it run ya?
  5. That is fucking awesome man. How does it hit?
  6. Sick! nice job man!
  7. That my friend is helluva lot of work for that. Id be proud if Id built that.
  8. that is one of the most beautiful things toever grace my retinas. Not to mention he manliest piece i have ever seen. I too am curious as to its price and performance.

    Now the only thing left is to make a bong out of cheetos (with a noncheeto bowl. Some other more durable edible thing) and i will be complete.

    Very nice my friend. Any sealant on those joints (no pun intended) or did you just screw them on?

    Carb is genius!!

    What material are the pipes? Looks like lead. Sure hope not.
  9. i really dig the carb on that
  10. That must have been really funny at the store. I love it, really nice. You've got some great creativity, I would have never thought of that.

    Tell us how it hits.
  11. Heh, that's an amazing metal bong man. If I ever wanted to smoke out of the same thing I use to beat the hell out of people, you'll be the first man I call.

  12. nice homemade, i don't think you will have to worrie about breaking it that things a beast :hello:
  13. dude, the one bong ive ever seen that i could put in the wall cavity if the cops came round and not look suspicious. epic win.
  14. it was about $50 all told, plumbing stuff is kinda expensive. But its incredibly solid, the mouthpiece tube doesn't bend at all even if pulled as hard as possible. The bowl is brass, the safest metal for smoking out of, the rest is galvanized and iron pipe. the joints are sealed with teflon tape. I really suggest everyone goes to home depot and walk around, even if you dont come out with a bong, you will definitely think of something fun to build. Post what you make here!

    Oh, and I will be breaking in "the destroyer" tonight!
  15. I would like to see the insides. I'm curious as to what you are using as a downstem?
  16. Have you ever seen the show Tool Time. That would be the fucking bong Tim Taylor would make haha. Sorry man I'm really baked right now. :smoking:
  17. you, my friend, have inspired me to go out and build a plumbing bubbler. lol. i must do this. and i have an idea for the base, go to west marine (a boating store) and see if you can find one of the fittings for a table that would be put in a boat. you could then bolt the base to a piece of wood or even metal and then use that to stand it up. i might do this myself now that i think about it. lol
  18. not bad, I love hardware stores, it's like pipe-building lego peices.
    It's gonna take a lot of breaking in to get rid of the shitty metal taste though.
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    wow that is awsome. id be more worried about the floor then that if you dropped it lol.
    you should put that into the homemade contest thats going on now. also what did you use for the downstem?
  20. Daamn that looks really sick
    i love the red faucet thing as a carb
    its like you turn on the smoke and turn on your high
    idk im a leeetle stoned

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