My Homemade Gasmask bong... THC MASK

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by TheToyMaker, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. i call this the THC mask....

    its got a strap that u adjust

    and the best part is (now that ive plugged up the holes you can get a GREAT suction.... also it hooks up to other pieces... it hooks up to my bowl, my friends bubbler... a blunt (with a pen) and hopefully my friends Vapor Bro's later...


    so tell meh what u think!
  2. its cool but after about a week it wont be clear anymore, itll be resin brown. cheap to replace tho.
  3. nahh you can clean it easilly with a alchahol wipe... or just soaking it...

    also you can always replace the tube
  4. believe me, replacing that setup is smarter than trying to clean it.
  5. well its still fun as hell while it lasts! plus it gets u sooooo high... some say that inhaling through your nose will work better....
  6. Agreed. You can buy surgical tubing on ebay for $0.89, or you can try and stick a paper clip in it like a jackass and scrape the resin out.
  7. well waht about the mask man. its still bad ass!
  8. No... Inhaling through your nose would NOT get you higher.

    I can imagine that the high would hit faster though, since the THC runs through the nose, it would probably be absorbed into the mucus membranes and be put into your bloodstream faster.

    So this invention you made basically speeds up the effects of smoking... Or not at all, I dont know, lol.

    Edit: Its still pretty bad ass dude. I'm gunna try and make one now :D
  9. ight. you should... it was pretty simple... im going to make a valve so that i can fill the bag... and then switch it so the bag goes to my mouth and crush the bag to force the smoke into my lungs... LIKE A GRAVVV BONG!!

    or..a tube going from my mouth to the outside of the mask so i inhale the bowl using my nose... and i can exhale through my mouth!!

    1.inhale throguh nose to get it burning
    2.exhale through nose to fill mask
    3. inhale again through nose... hold it
  10. I like that, Ive been looking for a way to make one of those, Because all the smoke in a regular gas mask would suck I think all up in your eyes in shit, but yea this is sweet dude.

    and about smoking into your nose, Im not sure if it would get you higher, your nose hairs and mucus purpose is to clean out dust and other things, do you think it could distinguish between dust and THC and other positive chemicals? just wondering?
  11. looks very pointless and very weird.

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