My homemade "bong" because I like to make things

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  1. I get a blank page.
  2. Didn’t miss much man
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  3. Don't quit your day job
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  4. is that down stem plastic hose? i mean right under that clayish looking bowl.. it might reach temps to make it unhealthy
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  5. I never would of set up a bong this way but I like how you do it. The question is how well does it hit?
  6. :sick:
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  7. what-in-tarnation.jpg
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  8. Reminds me of this old bong I have. Haven't used it in years, but it's always been one of my favorites

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  9. Smoking out of plastic = bad
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  10. You can purchase this exact bong online for $27.00!

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  11. Did you take apart a fish tank?

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