My home made monster mini bong

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  1. Hey! I posted this elsewhere before but i
    thought a repost in this section would
    return more replies and thoughts as i am
    very interested to hear them!

    1st off, i had a glass bowl that used to be part
    of a fancy lamp, it had one hole in the top, it
    perfectly fit the plastic screw in chamber, as for the
    down stem and the retractable stem i used a chopped marker
    for the down stem, and a chopped bic pen skeleton for the out
    stem. As for the bowl I used a socket the size of my
    pinky attached to the retractable. To make a hole for the stem
    In the glass bowl, i had submerged it underneath luke warm water and
    slowly drilled with a regular bit until i successfully penetrated the glass.
    I did not like the clear look cause it was kinda ugly haha.. So i took flame
    Resistant electrical tape and wrapped around the chamber and bowl
    Separately. It is all air tight and rips beautifully.

  2. Thats awesome! 
  3. Look's really awesome haha
  4. Other than the plastic down stem, it looks pretty nice :) I always use metal pen tubes as my down stem, I can find them easy enough and there is no plastic. I like the monster sticker too :p
  5. That would look awesome on a shelf, though I'm a bit weary of using plastic so close to the fire. The bottom looks round so I'm wondering how you set it down, did you make a stand or do ya prop it up in a corners?Sent from my cloud of smoke:)
  6. That's sooooo siick

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