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My "High" Cycle

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dylcomp10, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Here is my high cycle. Tell me yours!

    >Rip a bowl of my bong
    >Start feeling pretty high
    >Turn on "Weeds" the show. (Have you ever watched "Weeds" while high?!!? Mind=blown!!!!#$!)
    >Go to my freezer and grab a hot pocket or a lean cuisine (yum)
    > get under my blankets and pretend it's night time
    >Realize I probably look like an idiot and come back out
    >Clean my room
    >Start coming down from my high
    >Do homework

  2. >Grab my noise-cancelling headphones and water
    >Hit the bong
    >Listen to music
    >Watch a movie/tv show (BREAKING BAD FTW)
    >make something to eat
    >Get tired

    Pretty much that.
  3. >Flick on the tunes
    > Grind it up
    > load up the bong
    > blaze until I'm droolin'
    > one more bowl?
    > oh fa sho!
    > get satisfactorily stoned
    > eye drops
    > go about my day
    > when sober, see step 1
  4. Usually I just do my daily shit with a slight squint.
  5. Whack the headphones on

    > Grind it, Roll it, Lick it, Twist it, Bite it, Light it
    > Clean it all up while my high is setting in
    > Go on Youtube and see what weird and wonderful things I can find.
    > Play Xbox
    > Facebook
    > Realise I have never been so hungry in my life and go downstairs and eat.
    > Go back upstairs
    > More tunes
    > Maybe a movie

    ect ect ect
  6. Smoke > listen to metal > smoke > listen to metal x infinity symbol
  7. >Grab my stash box from the top of my closet.
    >Go out to the garage, bud already ground up.
    >Rip a bowl, exhale and admire my cloud of smoke before taking another hit.
    >By the 3rd or 4th hit, I start 'stoning' out (like zoning-out ;)
    >Come inside, get on the computer.
  8. Hmm, I have to think of a specific cycle that's kind of hard
    Here's my ideal cycle:
    >Grind up some dank
    >Scoop it into the bowl of a bong
    >Top the bowl off with some keef
    >Light my hempwick
    >Kill the bowl
    >Call up my friends
    >Do something fun/crazy
  9. good thread
    1st i pack a hand ground bowl
    next hit the gravity
    that 1 hit has me high for like 2 hours
    2 hours later i go eat something to brace my stomach for the repeat of the cycle coolface

  10. what about watching lord of the rings while blasted? I think its pretty fucking awesome :smoking:
  11. simple

    >pack pipe
    >go outside
    >go inside
    >browse gc or watch a movie
  12. > Get my utensils (bong, grinder, lighter, etc.)
    > Get the weed out and smell, look and take it alllllllll in
    > break the weed down, by hand or grinder
    > pack a nice big fat bowl
    > smoke that shit dowwwwwwwwn
    > go on facebook, watch youtube, or talk to my parents (still live at home)
    > smoke moreeee
  13. Headphones
    Pack a few bowls
    Go out for a cigarette
    Jurk off

  14. lol i lost it at this
  15. im not gonna smoke today, i need to conserve weed and my lungs
    fuck it morning bowl it is
    lunch time- fuck a bowl sounds nice
    a few more bowls
    damn i cant smoke anymore i need to conserve
    nighttime- damn i need a pre-sleep joint
    next morning- fuck what happened to all my weed
  16. -Pickup
    -Grind that shit
    -Put some GOOD music on
    -Pack and then vape
    -Take care of the munchies
    -Look at crazy things on the Internet
    -Maybe watch some tvo and come down- or if I have enough, vape some more and repeat

    how can anyone not love weed?
    I can't even comprehend....
  17. damn these cycles got me rollin :D

    my shit usually goes like this
    - pop on pandora and set the vibes up
    - grab the bud and grind it up
    - make sure the bowl is clean
    -b. clean bowl (if dirty)
    - pack it, smoke it
    - pop on some zombies
    -b. wait to get a lobby with 3 headsets
    - kick it and rip the undead while ripping the bowl
    -b. rip bowl while on bus (TranZit)
    - keep killing zombies
    - switch up the pandora station
    - repeat cycle
  18. >Get in my spot, grab my sploof, hook up my speakers
    >Turn on the meditation playlist
    >Rip a couple bowls on my cheech
    >Attempt to watch a movie on Netflix
    >Fall asleep
    >Wake up and satisfy my belly
    >Clean Room (reason:uknown)
    >Go on interwebs and look up shit
    >Get lost in my own thoughts about government conspiracies
    >Clean up my bong and repeat
  19. I was just thinking about that yesterday!!!
  20. >get high
    >attempt to greentext on GC
    >get high again

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