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my heart racing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by connorj101, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. hey everyone, i could use your advice on this, ive been smoking bud for almost a year, i dont smoke very often, but recent i got some good weed. This shizzle was crystally a bit, kief falls off and smell comes through the bag, as i said i dont smoke often, so my tolerence is pretty low, and i smoked some and after 2 hits im blitzed and my heart is racing and i didnt freak out but i was pretty scared :eek: i dont think it's laced, but still anything to say ppl?
  2. Yeah that happens...if it was laced with any sort of drug you would know it. Got some good bud it sounds like.
  3. Dramatically increased heart rate is a side effect of smoking weed. It stands to reason that higher thc content weed would cause the effect to be more noticeable.
  4. just as a notice, my heart doesnt beat this fast when im smoking any other weed, but some reason this weed makes my heart pound :smoking:
  5. The stronger the bud, the more high you get. It's completely normal for your heart to beat faster. All you have to do is forget about it and enjoy the high. :smoking:
  6. nice man keep going
  7. hahaha I been smoking for years and a few months back had to take a break to pass some tests. I went like 3 months w/o smoking the longest i have gone in years. First time tokn up (it was good bud and i shouldnt have smoked so much but i was in the mindset of getn blitzed casue it had been so long and my tolerance before the break was real high) I had a panic attack like i thought i was having a heart attack had to talk my self out of calling 911 hahaha i was all like "whats wrong with me, no one has od'ed from weed, chill out, no wait.....i am having a heart attack" it was intense. That went on for like hour and a half, just debating on wether or not to go to the hospital. Never been so high. I like to be able to smoke and go on and live my life haha not have panic attacks or stare at somthing for hours and hours
  8. LMFAO. Lol, yea man thats completley normal with good weed. The other day I was at a new friend house, so it was unfamiliar surroundings, and I took 2 bong rips of some dank, and my heart was racing, lol, I just laid back and zoned out. Dont worry about it man and enjoy your good herb. PEACe

  9. yeah bro just chill, nothing is laced just sit back and relax...
  10. It's all because you're smokin some really good weed it's normal so enjoy that good stuff while ya can :D

    My GF's heart rate went up to 161 after me and her smoked a bowl with keif crazy shit lol
  11. one trick i found out is feel your pulse whne your high, after you concentrate on your heart beat wile your high for a wile, it starts to feel almost like your heart is vibrateing its beating so fast and can cause you to freak out some if your not used to it, but a trick i learned is when this starts happening, just feel your pulse with ither your pulse in your wrist or your neck and you realize its not beating nearly as fast as it feels like it is and it can calm you down
  12. It just means it is good bud. The more you keep telling yourself its ONLY with that weed, then your mind will make your heart beat obnoxiously fast whenever you smoke weed. Anything silly like insomnia, or food tasting bad when you are dry or something..all in your head.

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