My Habit vs. Her Habit

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  1. First of all, this happened before I broke up with this girl (about a week before actually). This isn't really that interesting, but I'm high and feel like talking lol. Keep in mind, she's against marijuana. My habit, of course is smoking weed. Her habit is being obsessed about the Twilight series. Alright, here we go:

    So last month, me and my fiance, at the time, were sitting on the couch, having a good time watching Grandma's Boy. Well, it got to the part where Alex was talking about rolling up all the different types of weed, and then so I said "Hell yeah, I'd do it." Then, she starts going on about how stupid marijuana is and that all it does is ruin lives, and that I need to stop smoking it. I looked at her and said "The day I quit smoking, will be the day you'll quit liking Twilight." She said "Well, I'll always love Twilight. Edward Cullen is hot." I just chuckle and said "Yeah, for a vampire that's soooo gay, he sparkles in the sun. You gotta be a huge flamer to ACTUALLY sparkle like that." Oh man! Apparently that was the "wrong" thing to say. She was already mad because I said I won't stop smoking, but she got super pissed. Oh, and for the record, before we even got together I told her I'll always smoke weed, and won't stop. She paused the movie and said "Edward's NOT gay! He loves Bella!" and so I replied with "Only because Bella is a tranny."

    BAM!! She smacks me upside my head and yells "ALL YOU FUCKING STONERS ARE THE SAME! YOU'RE ALL ASSHOLE'S WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING BUT YOURSELVES!! FOR FUCKS SAKE, YOU WOULDN'T EVEN GO GET ME CIGARETTES!!" So I said to her "Do you REALLY expect me to walk all the way up to the store in the middle of a severe thunderstorm!?" She replies with "Take an umbrella!!" So I said "OH, YEAH! I FORGOT THAT UMBRELLA'S CAN SHIELD YOU FROM LIGHTNING!!" So she runs into the bedroom, gets out my metal pipe and says "If you don't take that shit back and go get me cigarettes, THIS is going out the window!" I said "You'd like me to run out there to get it in a storm, wouldn't ya!? That isn't right, you know!" She just gave me a cocky look and then threw it out the window. So, that got me pissed off. Not realizing how immature this was, I grabbed her Twilight DVD and threw it out the window. She fucking yelled, hit me (in the arm), and demanded that I go get. I told her that if I went out there, I was only coming back with my pipe. She told me to fuck off and took a migraine pill and went to bed. Later, when the storm passed, I went outside and got both items, but I didn't wipe her DVD dry (I just tossed it on the floor). Then I dried my pipe, had a cigarette, and went to bed.

    The next day, when I got home from work, she was sitting in the living room. She was watching Twilight (damn, it was still working). I sit in the bedroom and light up a cig, only to hear her call for me moments later. I walk in there and said "what?" She looked at me and said "You're going to have to choose. Either quit smoking weed, or break up with me. The choice is yours." I told her I'll "think" about it. That next week, I packed my shit and left. So yeah, I'm only going to hook up with stoner chicks from now on.

    Apparently, cleaning the rain off my pipe didn't work, because some parts still got rusted. So I had to go buy a new one. I like my new one, but my old one was the shit.
  2. Since you made this terrible thread, let me comment.

    You seem to say some pretty dumbass shit. Not the worst shit, but dumb shit. It's alright though it's just who you are, someone will like it.
  3. Yeah, I'm glad you think that...

    But seriously, I said right at the beginning that it's not really interesting.

    God damn, what's with these asshole stoners these days? Probably high school kids who think they're "bad asses"....ugh, this is why I rarely come to GC anymore
  4. Don't share your story if you don't want feedback. I was just busting your balls on saying terrible thread.
  5. mrperfect lay off man, like he said he's high and he wanted to let everyone know a story about his life... and we all know that when ur high a story may seem 100x times better

    still i think its a funny story, how the fuck could someone be so obsessed with twiilight to watch that shit continuously lmao
  6. sounds like a bitch man, i would have been gone before she turned around from throwing the pipe
  7. I've been wondering that ever since it came out lol That movie sucks.

    I was in shock lmao not really, but ya know
  8. lmao.

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  9. lmao yeah, that's about right!
  10. My 10 year old cousin is obsessed with Twilight too. I don't think I could date someone that obsesses over that shit, let alone marry.
  11. I'd have slapped her silly before she even threw the pipe out the window, but that's just me. Fuck that bitch, you definitely deserve better.
  12. I would've, but I don't hit women lol... but yeah, I do deserve better. I'm glad I left, best decision of my life
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    To Philie lawl so true, I have never seen that movie before I can't pull myself to watch it, and i've watched some pretty lame shit. I also heard the guy who played edward (is that his real name or movie name?) had some massive like ego trip and slaped a bitch or something.

    To OP Crazy story man reminds me of a girl I used to date. She was a total control freak and just nuts. Good thing you got rid of her ass, but I have to ask. Did she dress and act all fuckin emo like all the other twilight fans, because if so that is well that is just uhh you know..

    To MrPerfect, back the fuck up man if you don't like it then don't post. Do you really feel the need to make it known that you are an asshole. This is grasscity a pot smoking forum. So you really think that every post is going to be super serious and logical, man the dude is just chillin out talking to fellow blades. So back up.

  14. It sounds like a fight my sister would have with one of her bf's haha(shes not into twilight and shes cool with smoking tho). But just the overall fight reminds me of something that would happen with her.

  15. lol no, thank god. She was the anti-emo. Rather than dark colors, she wore bright colors. I'm talking super bright, like "HOLY FUCK THAT'S GIVING ME A HEADACHE!!" bright
  16. hahahahahahaha OMFG this was the greatest story ever!!!
  17. Haha this had me laughing pretty hard actually.
  18. lol I'm glad everyone's enjoying it
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    reread the story it was actually pretty good lol

    sucks she threw ur pipe out the window

  20. Way to be a dick.

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