My Guide to Gourmet Cooking

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  1. Sometimes as stoners I think we all want something different to eat, So I plan to post a few recipes I know from time to time on the city, You can use them for special occasion, if you just want to cook, or if your really stoned and want something Awesome.

    Bourbon Shrimp and Rice with Carmelized Garlic
    You will need,
    1 cup Dry Rice
    12 medium shrimp (half pound or about)
    Whoistershire (sp)
    Garlic (2 cloves will work nicely)

    What you want to do is Mix the Bourbon Whoistershire, and some cut garlic in a bowl and let it sit for about 2 hours in the fridge,
    Now take some butter put it into a frying pan and let it start to sizzle add a few peices of garlic into and cook until lightly browned and soft (this is caremilzed Garlic For a real treat use cannibutter)
    Pour the sauce into a Frying Pan with the carmelized garlic without the butter, and stir to a slow boil, then add the shrimp, cook until red a a little tough, The end result will be a Sweet to the taste shrimp with a nice garlic effect to it.
    It goes well with a Merlot if you want wine, and should be garnished with parsley or I like to take bell pepper and cut it into a burting shape soak it in cold water for about a hour to make it look like a flower

    if that didnt fill ya up I am posting the reciped for my signature Dessert

    Chocolate Orgasm Cake,

    What you will need:
    a 3 inch cake pan with the indentation so it leaves a hole in the cake
    a Chocolate Cake Mix (if you want it to be quick if not I will post it to be made from Scratch)
    Belgian Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Sauce,
    and a Milk Chocolate Truffle (if you cant make a truffle Lindor makes a good one that you can find at Wal-Mart)

    If you want to make it from scratch
    you will need bakers flour cocao powder, Cup of sugar
    Goats Milk and a little chocolate syrup
    it also helps to poor some Coca cola (less than an ounce) in to make it fluffy. combine all ingredients into a cake mix

    Once you have your mix pour it in the pan and bake at 350 for about 20 mins. while its baking you need to melt the Belgian Milk chocolate, to do this put water in a pan and pring it to boil put another pot inside and the chocolate in that, that way it melts creamy, add a little brandy ( like a shots worth) for flavor,
    Poor this into the center of the cake while its cooling, now Take your chocolate syrup and make a bullseye design on the saucer, take a sharp knife and drag it across the plate to give it a spider web effect set cake ontop and place the truffle onto, Garnish with a sprig of mint or parsley

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