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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ClosetMonster, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Well Since My Dad didnt let me grow in my closet,i turned to the great outdoors.
    First of all i am growing the outdoor strain TimeWarp.And its already over a foot high,or more,And since its been outside its been gettin great changes,im even thinkin because the sun(hours of darkness) the plant has staged to vegetation.
    Also i have 1 plant that is definately a female cuz its a clone from one of my close friends crop.but its a indoor plant growing outside.The strain is Champagne,Best shit ive ever had,its only like 8 inches tall,but so damn bushy its crazy,great lookin.

    Anyway the large plant(Timewarp) came from seed,but im so hopin it's a female,it has the spikey lookin hair things comin out the stem by every new leave.I have great hope here,Its a Female! hehe

    My setup is 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 foot..Clear greenhouse..It's in a a great spot,gets all sun hours of the day,all day long.This is a great idea for a beginner grower because u can hide and grow up to like 6 plants in one with not worrying about Wind,Rain,etc.Sometime i will have pics whenever i can snatch the digi camera from my parents.and as the plant gets bigger i just nail board under it to make the greenhouse bigger.

    Like i said if ur not going for a humungous amount and just wanna watch the Marijuana plant grow,This the way to go.and actually get some budlies outta it.Jus an idea.Hope ive helpes some of you.
    ~~~~Wanna know more about my op,or any questions please just drop a lone~~~
  2. My biggest plant out of the plants in the mini greenhouse died.I came home today and all the big leaves and most of the leaves were all shriveled up beyond bringin it back.The greenhouse is made out of clear plastic used for covering the windows at winter time.

    I was just wonderin what could the reason be for the death of the plant.To much light,maybe to hot,cause damn today was Just blazin hot out.not a cloud in sight.but it seems the clone made it.Im so sad because its the only plants i got out this year due to the frost changes.
  3. have any pics?
  4. Cmon People Help Me Out here..No One repies!

  5. Ya Obviously This forum sux's...No one replies or even help's..Hmmm Figures.
  6. Did you have wholes in the plastic? Maybe it got to hot in there with humitity and all and plus it needs fresh circulation of air. =\ Also if your plant was a foot tall was in burried in the ground? because if it was buried in a pot to small it could have gotten root bound and died.

  7. this forum doesnt suck..

    YOU suck at the internet... more then you will ever need to know is listed or can be retrieved in no time with the search button..
  8. I agee with the air circulation number. I had a similar situation years ago. My parents would not let me grow mine in the garden. So I planted them in the next door neighbours field, the other side of the garden fence, amongst some nettles. Didn't use a greenhouse and had a huge crop, Lasted me through college that year.
    Bad luck mate, look after the other one and don't use the greenhouse.
  9. yeah man that would've been too much heat for the poor bugger. IF it was hot out side the green house would of amplified the heat even more so that gets to the plant; thats what shriveled up leaves mean most of the time they can also mean too much nitrogen or too much nutrients something along those lines but the edges of the leaves seem to 'burn' when that happens...

    dont worry man i feel ur grief!

    good luck with the clone

  10. though no, this forum does not suck, he did have to wait over 2 weeks to get a reply which (tryin to get answers for growin yo shit ASAP) REALLY bites. i feel fo ya closetmaster. i feel fo ya.

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