My grow: is it ready?

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    Well its come to that time but im not too sure if my plant is ready for harvesting. This plant just started growing in a pot so I continued to take care of it. I have a pocket microscope and looking at all the trichomes on the leaflets and buds, they all look cloudy. On the other hand, the pistils dont seem to change color, except for the tips of which more than 75% have turned brown. So I'm not sure if its ready. I attached some pics.

    Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry i didnt realize it when i took them

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  2. I think they need more time but go with your gut. If you're 100% sure that the trichs are 75% cloudy/amber then pull em. The more amber you have, the more debilitating the stone (in most cases).

    Good luck!

    I see all your leaves are still green. Have you flushed them yet?
  3. Well, I haven't seen any amber trich's from my inspection....They are all cloudy tho so thats for sure.

    As for the leaves, The lower leaves have been turning yellow and falling off but the pic doesn't show that too well (im guessing it was the light and angle i took it at.). I haven't given it any nutrients since it started flowering but i watered it 2 days ago or so. To be honest I'm not sure wut it means to "flush" them. could you explain that please?
  4. Flushing is getting the extra nutrients out of the soil before harvest. It gives the bud a cleaner taste and finish. Just water the plant with 3 to 5 times the volume of the pot's worth of water. Since you haven't used any nutrients, you shouldn't have to worry about it too much. Just do that once and you'll be fine.

    Let the plant go at least until a portion of the trichs are amber. They will smell better and you will get more ripped.

    Good luck homie!

    Dry and cure those babies well when you cut em! SS
  5. Many thanks silversword! I'm just too excited!
  6. How long has that thing been flowering? It looks like it needs a month.
  7. been flowering about 4 or 5 weeks now
  8. looks like it needs the same again to bulk up
  9. hmmmm....and your suggesting that regardless of the cloudy trichomes?
  10. Indeed, those things will triple in size in the next few weeks. Check for amber ones. Also, make sure you have sufficient light when lookin through your scope. I like sunlight, because incandescent and floro lights can add their own colors.
  11. wow thats good to hear. speaking of nutrients, should i add any? I gave it a P-K nute combo at the beginning of flowering but nothing since then.

    My concern is the weather. Im growing this outdoors and Im not sure how long this weather will hold up........
  12. I would give it some nutes for sure. Use something low in nitrogen. I use fox farm tiger bloom but any "bloom" fertilizer should do.
  13. Because I'm a poor man, I cant actually afford any quality nutes so I try to mix some homemade nutes. I've read that potassium nitrate is a good source of K, and I use bonemeal for some P. Does this sound feasibly good or would it be best if i just get some bloom juice somehow?
  14. I am not an experienced grower but for $15, tiger bloom is where it is at, let the experts do their jobs and make the shit for us. But dont use more than half of their recommended dose.
  15. Would you recommend tiger bloom over dr. hornby's iguana juice bloom? I ask bc i have the iguana juice grow mixture and it worked well but then again i have very little experience
  16. if you have a bloom recipe already, use it. just make sure it is for blooming.

  17. your plants look very healthy :) looks like a decent yeild too ;)

    i would give it a few more weeks.

    the yellowing of the lower leaves is normal. just trim them off. the plant will use the nutrients elsewhere.

    good luck, happy growing :smoking:
  18. It is not ready yet and you have a bad case of spider mites. You need to get some safer soap or neem oil and spray for a few days to get rid of them. They will slow the process of your plants growth by stealing nutes from the leaves. Good Luck!:smoke:
  19. Thanks for the alert. I noticed those white specks on the leaves but i thought it was a nutrient deficiency. I sprayed it with both neem oil and an alcohol:water mixture. How long do you think it would take for the infestation to disappear and for the plant to resume normal growth?
  20. it doesn't realy look ready :(

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