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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BongRipz420, May 11, 2010.

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    Alright i hope this fucking works ive retyped and tried 7 times to get this fucker to post and not just go to a blank white screen.

    I started a small grow with 10 plants in 10 small party cups. They are planted about 1/2 - 1/4 inch deep in the soil. They will be going into a small grow space with 3 26W daylight CFL's and a small fan for air circulation and stalk strength.

    From the pics below can you tell me if these cups are big enough for about 3 weeks of growing before they are replanted outside?

    I have been watering them every few hours with 3 squirts from the squirt bottle. Is that too much, too little?

    How far should i keep the CFL's away from the plant?

    Is it ok to keep them in a dark place (Desk Drawer) until they break through the soil?



  2. your lights will get you by about 2 weeks.

    a 16oz party cup is enough soil for 2 weeks of growth

    keep the lights on them, they will stretch badly if they break soil and there is no light.

    keep the CFL's 2"-4" from the top of your plants.

    i water about once a week.
  3. Once a week.... about how much should i water once a week, like is there a specified amount, should i water until the water starts coming out of the bottom of the cup???
  4. OK...
    Get different cups. You dont want any roots exposed to light. Keep them in a warm, dark place. Transplant after 3rd leaf set.
    Keep cfls within 2".
    Water only enough to kep soil moist. Once a day is good.
    Good luck.
  5. I agree using CFL's keep the lights close. But IMO next time use styrofoam cups not the clear ones I believe they let to much light in and is not good for the beggining stages of growth or something like that:hello: keep on keeping on things will be great when all is done enjoy:D
  6. I really don't want to risk ruining them, can i just use masking tape so no light gets into the soil ?

    Also, what do you mean specifically by the 3rd set of leaves.
  7. Alright just took the time to tape every cup up with black electrical tape. No light now.

    Although it did take me nearly an hour...
  8. yea dude taping them up was fine, IMO 3 weeks in those pots is pushing it, but if your repotting out side it 'could' be ok but you may find them getting rootbound & needing some food as the roots will take everything from the soil very quick
  9. alright. It wont necessarily be 3 weeks i just want them to get around 8 inches to a foot high so that they are a little tougher.

    Also, i have found a new challenge that i have no idea to tackle. The small starting area i have set up is in a trailer behind my house, it is in a small compartment were a mini-fridge use to be. Anyway, it is pretty fucking cold around here right now , 54 Farenheight to be exact.

    If i were to seal this little compartment up what could i use to keep the temperature constant.

    My friend suggested a space heater but it seems that it would get too hot, if that is possible.

    He said he has a heater that turns on and off depending on ambient temp, kind of like self regulating, would this work? Or would i risk it becoming too hot?
  10. Please guys, i need to move them out there soon, any ideas :hello:
  11. yea that'l prob work if you can keeps the temps down, but you cant seal it off, as you need a constants supply of fresh air
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    Well, i wasnt going to completley seal it off, i was going to seal vapor barrier around the heater so the heater sucks in fresh air but it gets heated before entering the grow space

    Also, what temperature should i aim for ?
  13. for temps 77f i find is perfect/optimium just keep temps at 75-79f & you should be fine
  14. alright, thanks for all the help mills, i will no doubt be posting more questions in this thread as time goes on
  15. thats ok m8, i been away from grasscity for a while, so feel free to double check my advice lol, but i know those temps are right:)
  16. what are you using for lights? it's possible your lights can provide your heat source. If you are going for a foot of growth in 3 weeks you need some penetrating lights. I use a 600 watt MH light, and the challenge for me is to get the heat out...not keep it in.
  17. Just 3 26W Daylight CFL's
  18. i cant see them supplying enough heat that you need m8, cfls are well know for the low amount of heat they produce, tho they are cheap so you could double up on them(like get 6 or more) & they may just help keep temps ok,

    but i was just thinking you could poss use a couple normal household bulbs, they have no use in growing bud but they do produce alot of heat, & i did see a guy somewhere on here using a few just for the purpose of supplying heat in a smaller space, that being said they do get very hot etc so may need to be sure they wont be a fire hazard or anything, some may not agree with this idea, but just throwing it out there for ya lol
  19. Alright i have an update. The heater idea seems to work well, keeping it at about 70-80 Fahrenheit.

    Also, there is 1 plant sprouted and just starting to open up. I also found a good seed i got from a recent buy that is pretty big and fresh looking so i labeled it "Best Seed" lol.



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