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My green smells like LYSOL!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Midsmaster420, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Ok so today i go pickup an oz
    When I first saw it i was like ok 120 for the zip not bad
    So i take it not until later realizing after rolling a blunt with a buddy that it doesnt "taste" like normal bud would taste like
    We knew something was wrong with it but the real question is
    I have already smoked a few bub bowls and a swischer
    Smoke the rest or not?
  2. yes do it, just a lil lysol. if you want you can make hash. that should clean it up
  3. The grower probaly used lysol to disinfectant the grow room. That's my guess.
  4. pics may or may not help..

    sounds like it might have been molded and they tried to kill it.

    if worse comes to worse,
    you can always make qwiso out of it.
  5. I first of all dont know how to make hash
    and second of all really have no interest to
    I want to smoke my herb but it was from a new dealer that im NEVER going to again ill pay the 10 extra bucks to buy from my main connect
  6. Pics wouldnt work
    It looks like weed
    But its sticky and has a Smooth weird tasting hit
    And it smells like lysol
    That can't be good for you if your smoking lysol
  7. Hashmouf has a great guide for making QWISO hash. I'm too lazy to find it, but if you just google hashmouf QWISO, you'll actullly get it in like the first 3, i happen to know.

  8. that's a shame that you have no interest to :\
    it's really not hard at all..
    and it definitely gets the job done.

    if you change your mind hashmouf made an excellent tutorial under recreational use.
  9. the hash guide is a sticky on this website
  10. Well im getting so many comments on the QWISO hash ill check it out
  11. I'm sure you won't regret it..
  12. Well i have about half o left
    Use all or like just a 1/4 or what
    And unfortunately I do still live with my parents
    They know I smoke
    But do not condone it
    So I cant make it at my house
  13. If it smells chemically,
    I wouldn't risk smoking anymore.

    wait till they're not home?
    I live with my parents as well,
    i let it dry behind my shed.
  14. Since it is made up out of alcohol it wont freeze
    I live in VA 24 hours is a little bit of time
  15. But another thing is ive already smoked about 2-3 gs of it
  16. i dunno man.. i personally wouldnt smoke it.. but its your bud
  17. I would smoke it. Hell you already smoked a bunch
  18. We have a strain called Lemon G around here (actually Love Potion #1) and some people say it tastes like lysol...I think their on crack it tastes fantastic....but it goes for around 400/zip around here so I doubt its Lemon G, but if it was it would get you blazed beyond belief and possibly remind you of pinesol

  19. :confused:half of an ounce is not 2-3 grams buddy, either you don't know what you're talking about or you got seriously ripped off.
  20. This thread is useless without pics! :)

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