My great thanksgiving

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  1. Happy (late) thanksgiving everyblade!

    So yesterday I had one of the greatest thanksgiving day I had in years. It started off normally, I woke up, loaded a bowl of my waterfall bong, smoked it in my bathroom and then took a shower. It felt great.
    When I stepped out of the shower, baked, I could smell my mom's cooking and it smelled AMAZING so I instantly got the munchies. Lunch was great, turkey, mashed potatoes and pecan pie for desert; all of which tasted like HEAVEN.

    After lunch, I rejoined some friends and baked some more. I rolled blunts, joints, spliffs and we all got pretty high :D. After that we called some chicks, bought some beer and cups and you guessed, it played some BP. There were as many chicks as there were guys, 1 to 1 ratio, so no sausage fest lol.

    When we ran out of beer we just chilled, sat in a circle and smoked some more. It was great, I starting talking to one of the chicks and got her number (we've been texting each other ever since :rolleyes: :)) and around 1 oclock we decided to call it a night cuz the next day(tonight) we were gonna have a massive party so we needed our rest so I headed home.

    Upon arriving I notice another car is in our driveway, not just any car though, it looked like my brother's car. It couldn't be brother is out of state and an 8h car ride away from here. After closer inspection, it was indeed my bro's car so I rushed inside the house to see him. My parents were both asleep and he was just chillin in front the TV. As soon as I see him he doesn't even say hi, all he says is "I got 2gs of some dank I brought back" and holds the sac up the air and finally says "Let's go smoke it!"

    Luckily I had one blunt wrap left over so I roll it and my brother and I go outside, walk around our neighborhood and chill on that g blunt. :smoke::smoke:
    So now I am one of the happiest person on earth, I got leftover food from thanksgiving, my brother (whom I haven't seen in 5 month) is in town, I got some good looking chick's number :D and a g of some dank bud to smoke with my bro. LIFE IS GOOOOOOOOD!!!!
    Anyone else have an awesome Thanksgiving day???

    tl;dr: waked 'n' baked, ate some dank food. went to a friends house and played bp. got a chicks number. my brother made a surprise visit and I smoked a g blunt with him. TWAS A GOOD DAY!
  2. Sounds like a good time man. I know that feeling of seeing your brother who you haven't seen in a long time. One of mine lives in Cali and I live in Texas. It's always good seeing him. Unfortunately he couldn't make it down for Thanksgiving.

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