My grandpa just died

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ryusuke, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Man you don't even know the shitty day I had

    I had a shitty day at school, was looking forward to smoking the blunt I have home all day

    Finally get home and have time to light up my blunt around 9pm. I go outside my house and near my driveway and put the blunt in my mouth and see some dude at my front door. Scared the shit out of me, but I realized it was my neighbour who is friends with my grandpa. I hide the blunt and ask him what's wrong. He says "Grandpa just died."

    Sad shit. My cool grandpa just passed away. Couldn't get high either. So I went with my mom (cuz my birth dad died) to grandpa's house with a house full of relatives and viewed the body and cried and shit.

    Also, two of my role model friends from when I was a youngin showed up and they gave me the cold shoulder. Feels bad man. They were my heroes. The two are also brothers, which makes me sad because they were actually like bros. My brother is a fucking faggot who got me a book for Christmas. Last year he got me a water bottle for Christmas. And the year before that a stapler which was already broken. I got my brother a video game for Wii last year and a wallet from Coach this year for Christmas. Like what the fuck. My brother is like 25 and I'm like not even 20.

    Anyways I just got home now from looking at my dead grandpa, who always inspired our Japanese people to stay strong, healthy and together.

    also I'm thinking of committing suicide...

    so tell me GC, should I smoke this mega blunt to my face to end it all?

  2. Im sorry to hear about your grandpa man.

    He would be terribly disappointed in you if he knew that you even wrote what you wrote at the end of that post.
  3. nah I'm good actually I jsut got really fucking high

    i didn't die lol
  4. Damn sorry to hear about your loss.
  5. sorry for your loss pal.

    i dont think its unhealthy to think suicidal thoughts, considering the fucked up shit that everyone has to deal with every day.

    going forward with suicide is unhealthy, but it wouldnt matter because youre already dead.

    remember how awesome of a person he was, look up in the sky, and blow smoke to the gods for him.
  6. Condolences man.
  7. its always painful when we loose someone close to us,ur gonna go threw a lot more of this through out life but u gota stay strong, ur grandpa is always in ur heart!
    my condolences <3

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