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My good day yesterday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Derrick14, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Ill make this short i kind of just want to tell people about my day hahaha.

    I was walking to my girlfriends work which is about a 15 min walk, halfway there i see a bag on the ground with green plant material in it, I gave it a little kick and walked right by, but about 5 steps later i was thinking to myself, wtf did i just do i didnt even pick it up to see if it was actually weed, i automatically thought it was some kind of spice that some dumb kick was fuckin around with. so i turned around and picked it up quickly and kept walking, took a look a couple minutes later and it was a .5 of the best weed ive ever smoked. so after that i get to my girlfriends work and to kill time i buy a $1 scratch ticket, and I won $2. So I bought a $2 scratch ticket and won $50. So we drove to the vendor, bought a 15 of budweiser, went to her place, got stoned and drunk all night, fucked and passed out :)
    Twas a good night
  2. Thats awesome! I wish i would ever be lucky enough to stumble upon some weed:devious:
  3. didn't invite me?
  4. that's seems like a damn amazing day!
  5. once i got 5 brownies in the 4 pack of two-bite brownies..
  6. damn man thats the best thing ive ever heard today haha good shit

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