My God..... Ann Coulter on potheads: They cant perform any useful jobs , Seriously???

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    In a scheduling certain to polarize viewers from both side of the aisle, on Wednesday evening "Piers Morgan Live" invited author and commentator Ann Coulter to return to the program.
    Joining Piers Morgan for a live, face to face conversation, the woman behind the new book "Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican" was all too willing to offer her position on one of the most-hotly contested issues in America at present, the legalization of marijuana.
    While the host cited a study led by CNN colleague Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in which the medical professional reported that smoking pot is no worse than drinking alcohol, Wednesday's guest strongly disagreed:
    "Look, the sole purpose for smoking pot or eating a pot brownie is to get high. That is not true with alcohol," she said.
    While Morgan made the case that partaking in spirits is purely for the purpose of getting "slightly higher than when they start drinking it," Coulter suggested that there are other uses for alcohol, including, apparently, loosening up for an on-camera appearance:
    "I have done TV after a drink. I bet you have too. I'm drunk right now," she laughed.
    Morgan quickly quipped that such a revelation "would explain a lot."
    Coulter then asked the host to let her finish her thought, which her permitted, begrudgingly:
    "People enjoy wine. They drink wine for a purpose. They drink $800 bottles of wine. Perhaps you have a warm feeling. You can tell if someone has been smoking pot."
    Stating that she herself has never taken the drug in question, Coulter insisted that legalizing marijuana will increase the numbers of users, and ultimately be a disaster for commerce:
    "Potheads are incapable of following simple instructions and getting a job done," she claimed. "You can't get anything done with a pothead...I'm going to be paying for their food, housing, now for their health care apparently, because they can't perform any useful jobs."
    Orginal Source CNN

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    "Almost none of my friends smoke pot cause they're athletes"

    "Because I'm around potheads, many of my best friends are potheads"

    Is anyone else confused?
  3. oh wow, the first thing she says is that the purpose of alcohol is not to get high. this woman is delusional. 
  4. then goes on to say almost none of her friends smoke pot, but that many of her best friends are potheads... this is too much man, simply a goldmine of comedy
  5. Ann coulters a fucking idiot and I'm not even going to watch the video. I've never wanted to punch someone in the face as much as I want to punch her when I watch her do interviews or guest appearances.
  6. Piers + Coulter are like two separate stinky shits in the punch bowl.
    and that's a fact.....
  8. Im a firearm enthusiast so seeing piers fighting for the good side is like the trippiest thing ever...
  9. ok, so a self confessed alcohol abuser, is drunk on camera going on a rant about pot users having no useful function...
    what is her useful purpose and function, to be drunk on camera and spew lies?
  10. some may have never heard of may have  heard of the slashdot effect.....that biatchs site won't be working well for some time...
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    I saw that like 2 days ago I believe...late night on Piers Morgan..Ann Coulter is a troll I don't see how anyone takes her seriously.
    She also said we should encourage more tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking because they help kill off people and helps Social Security. I pretty much was laughing my ass when she said that.
    It's how she and most of these media "journalists" make their money can't be a straight shooter now. It appears too many Americans would rather hear nonsense than truth. She is a troll,she just talks shit and is sarcastic about everything....she reminds me of Chelsea Handler.
    It's amazing how many famous pundits there are that get away with this, Hannity,Morgan,O'Reily'Beck,Coulter...they know they can get away with not talking facts but talking shit. They talk shit on Liberal/Conservatives,debate with emotion rather than fact and their viewers eat it up...
  12. yet another fucking Idiot
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    there is no time in my life that i want to smack a bitch more than watching Ann Coulter speak.  about anything.
    i love how she says almost none of her friends smoke pot because they're athletes.  and then immediately continues to say that some of her best friends are potheads.  :laughing:
    reality check: in multiple professional sports leagues, marijuana use is known to be very common amongst players.
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    Ugh, what a stupid bitch ass cunt! Did politicians learn how to flip flop from her? Because I think she just set a new flip flop world record of 5 seconds!f
    Fuck her, saying potheads don't have any useful role in society. 

  15. I was totally high when I like saved you in that car chase. What do you have to say about that?!
  16. I'd call her a cunt, but she lacks the depth and the warmth. She's mentally deficient, everyone knows that. The only reason the Republican party keeps her around is because they secretly hope to get her and Sarah Palin to make a sex tape. Truthfully, the only reason Democrats invite her on their shows and help keep her in the spotlight is because secretly they want the same thing!
  17. How rude to call her a cunt! She doesn't have the depth or warmth. Besides.. who doesn't love a blonde cunt? She has such beautiful hair, I've always wondered why she goes through all the trouble to dye her roots brown?
  18. She does not believe one word she says. She's paid to play the fool, the puppet on the string. This directly shows what a sham the "Anti-Legalization" movement is.
  19. what a dumb bitch
  20. 0:37-0:41 "I've done TV after drinks, I'll bet you you have too, I'm drunk right now."

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