My girls dad

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Frankiesajakazz, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. My babygurls dad is a huge pot head its funny cause everytime we go to fuck we gotta wait till he is inside rollin a joint then we know he will be inside for a while burnin as for me an my girl we are pot heads 2 and he always has roachs layin around for us 2 take...............and the neighbors chad and brad are pot heads who got high and give me weed and then there is Havean the dealer whos stupid and leaves his door unlocked so we can just go in and take his weed im not mean i dont just take it but......i do make my sacks fat as shit like say ,,, 1/2 once for 25 bucks !!!!! i leave money for him is that wrong also my dog keeps eating my shit im gonna chop his ass up and smoke him
  2. dude thats some crazy shit. it would be nice if i could buy 1/2 ozs for 25$ 1/2 oz where i live is 150$
  3. ummm this thread was sort of pointless, but none the less. Your lucky to get the cheap bud and are able to chill with your girl. I never have the cash for bud anymore and my gfs parents hate me and won't let me get close to her. They both smoke pot, but thinks its wrong that i do, well the think its worse that i drink, but i quit drinking a while ago and they just don't belive me or care. Damn i wish i could fuck my girl and smoke free and cheap weed, damn you lucky people of the world, damn you!
  4. i was stoned i just had to type it i dunno why i guess 2 just do something
  5. 1/2 oz. is usually $25 out here....if you have to pay more than that, you are getting screwed
  6. thats ok i make lots of pointless threads and posts, i think i just said that then because i wasn't high at the time and in a bad mood. I'm still not high but i'm in a good mood. Damn people have such good bud prices but here, if i only had to pay $25 i'd only let a ounce last me two days. Well i might be able to get a O for $75, but i'll have to suck up to a friend for it. And i need money first so i need someone to pay me back.
  7. I'd like to see the bud you guys are getting for 25 beans a half Oz. If its the good shit then thats bomb prices. I hate it when you guys with good hookups say other people are getting screwed tho cause prices vary drastically from area to area. And for most its not feasable to travel long distance to pick up bud. You get what you can get man.

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