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    A bit of a preface: I enjoy visiting the GC forum and connecting with my fellow blades on a daily basis. In the seconds before beginning my story (unfortunately all too real.) I thought of who I could ask for some insight into the situation, and no one, but the amazing people Reppin’ Dat GC naw’m Sayin’ Came to mind. There is no more appropriate place for me to tell this tale and there is no more appropriate audience. Because this is a tale involving stoners and it should be told to stoners!

    I'm high, but at a low point in my young life. Just minutes after extinguishing my roach an tossing it aside for some lucky child to find. ;)
    I go to my inner sanctum, close the door and check my phone (Htc Inspire, I call it a Thc Inspire, It's awesome.) I see that I had received a phone call from my- I deeply regret to say- Girlfriend at the time. (No more than ten minutes prior to me beginning this thread.) I thought to myself, "Aw she's thinking about me while I smoke, how cute.” :rolleyes: You see blades we were the perfect stoner couple and we would always smoke together before having some the best sex I’ve ever known. I call her back, no answer. I realize she’s left me a voice-mail: “I don’t want to do this over the phone, but my mom say’s I cannot see you anymore. She doesn’t want us dating because you’re 19.” (she’s 17) She starts crying at this point and goes on to say, “ I’m so sorry…I still love you.” Then she hangs up. At this point I come crashing down, from my marijuana high as well as my emotional high. (I’m manic depressive. She doesn’t know this.) I sit on my bed and contemplate what just happened : My girlfriend just broke up with me. Because her mom thinks I’m too old. We had been hiding the relationship from her mother for this very reason. Her mother had thought we were just friends, and we have been friends for over 4 years now. I really don’t want the relationship to end, we’ve only been dating for 3 months. I don’t see much I can do about it though.

    Background :
    She’s smoked since she was 14, while I had just started at 18. She’s currently 17 and I’m 19. Her mother, also smokes marijuana, and doesn’t mind that her daughter also smokes. We’ve known each other for 4 years so I don’t think a 2year age gap matters! And also the relationship is legal. 17 years old is the age of consent in Texas! Btw I’m from Texas :smoke:
    I know it’s a long post, probably a bit too long for a few of you, but bear with me :D I enjoy writing and I feel like I have a lot to say, especially at a time like this… :(
  2. Seriously, you're 19. That is way too young to tie yourself down. Go have fun, meet people, fuck women and live life man. TRUST ME.
  3. I'm just a bit depressed at the moment, I'm sure tomorrow I'll be back to normal and perhaps pick back up with one of my old (age appropriate) flings.
  4. Secretly date her until she's 18?
  5. Frankly, hon, if you two can't wait and hold it together texting for the few months until she is 18, it isn't the real thing!

    If it is the real thing, then get hitched, (or not) and move in together. :love::love:

    But as long as she is in Mom's house, it's Mom's rules! :cool:

    And start taking Omega 3- it helps with psychological problems. Takes about a month to start working. And since it helps your body make working CB1 receptors (the ones that get you high :smoking:- and 1000 other things), you may find that your high is better, too! :D

    Granny :wave:
  6. Thanks a lot for the advice! I'm considering carefully how I choose to go forth from here.
  7. Fuck I read through your entire post expecting some insane Mrs Robinson shit and instead I get this.

    Anyways man up and go talk to this chicks parents maybe they are just old school tell them that you'd like permission to date their daughter. You respect and enjoy her company and would hate to lose who you consider to be one if not you best friend because your a year and so many months older. Tell them that you are both young and no one knows what years from now will bring but that no matter what you will always promise to RESPECT her(and actually be willing to try).
    It might change their minds.
    Or it might not.
    And if after thinking about that and you really don't feel that way don't waste each others time there are plenty of other people out that that you guys have the opportunity to feel that way about.
  8. I agree with this.

    I don't agree with the rest of what he posted (give up if this doesn't work).

    Fuck her parents; at 17 she can do what she wants and if she wants to be with you she will. Tell her you don't want to have to see or deal with her parents, and make it a point not to.

    I've had several ex's whose parents I did not like. Some did not like me, and some loved me even though I thought they were worthless pieces of shit. In every case I just made it clear to my girlfriend that I didn't want to go to dinner with them, have BBQs with them, sit down in the living room and watch TV with them, etc. It's never been a major problem for me, which is a little surprising.
  9. I thought it was gonna be a thread about hooking up with your girlfriend's mom :confused:

    But, really. That sucks man. I've had countless parents break off relationships because THEIR daughter would FUCK MY LIFE UP, and then they'd have the nerve to say they don't think it's healthy for her. Thanks! Easier for me to move on.

    It sounds like you two had something really good, though. I've gotten back with ex's I had been with for a year after a 6 month break, it's not unheard of. And you guys never had a fall out, so I'm sure it'll work out :wave:
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback, we've decided to continue dating and leave her mom in the dark. :)
  11. I don't care who is legal and who is not, that shit doesn't bother me.

    I've been with my wife since I was 18, she was 15, We are together since 91.

    If her mom is hot, maybe you should try and hit that.
  12. That's great! I would never pursue anything sexual with her mom because quite frankly she's a total bitch. I'm actually going to do everything in my power to avoid ever seeing her again. :rolleyes: Me and my girlfriend are together and happy as ever I don't want anything to compromise that... I have what others go their whole lives seeking and may never find. (a beautiful girl that can toke like a champ) I plan to hold onto her! ;)
  13. go in their and slap her mom in the face

    proceed to take her daughter from the house



    no but seriously you should stand up to her mom. i hate overprotective parents too, i'm glad my girls mom is mad chill.
  14. so what did you do OP?
  15. P71 isn't wrong. This is the time of your life. You have 60 years (roughly) ahead of you. 60 long years of being in a relationship with this girl.

    Discuss it with her and her mother. Tell her how you feel and all the stuff you told us.

    Do it and report back. Or go out, hit da' club and party it up tonight.
  16. I totally fucking rock :D
  17. i thought this was gonna be a milf story when i clicked on it.

    have fun man and live life. maybe this is a sign telling you its best to let go.
  18. i thought this thread was gonna be about a MILF

    i am dissapoint
  19. have a fling with a cougar. then reflect on your experience.

    Not actually sure if this will help but hey its advice innit

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