My girl scares me

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  1. Alright. This girl Im engaged with. Im 18 shes 16. She wants a kid. She tells me this constantly. Should I be worried about this or not. I dont want to like. Wake up to jher father with a shotgun in my face you know. So whats up with her? Are all girls liek this? Not just any kid she wants MY kid.
  2. break up with her
  3. dude y u datin a 16 year old anyway, and no most girls aint like that and they shouldnt be at age 16
  4. immediately

  5. /thread.

    Need I say why? I think not.

    And lol@ "are all girls like this?"
  6. You are engaged to a 16 year old? This will not end well...
  7. I just turned 18. Shes about to turn 17. She is just uhm very open. Way to much. But shes very adamant about the child. She says she wants to have my child at anytime.
  8. okay i dont mean to judge but really you sound quite immature. why are you engaged at 18? to a 16yr old? obviously if you dont want a kid you should talk to your girl, and maybe go back to school to be able to type like a functional 18 yr old
  9. Yeah dude. When she hits puberty she's going to start screwing guys at parties and shit. Do you want to deal with that?
  10. That's too intense for your age man, you absolutely do not want the responsibility of taking care of a child this young, you still have a lot of living to do on your own first.
  11. She obvoiusly loves you. Id wait though. Maybe in your twenties
  12. I'm not saying its creepy if you DATED her, I'm saying that is way too young to be married. You guys still have to go to college and figure out your lives, that's going to be a lot harder if you are tied you haven't matured fully either.
  13. [​IMG]

    Engaged? Really?

    This will not end well at all...

  14. You're engaged to a 16 year old and you're only 18? Dude, break it off now given what you said. Don't get locked into the relationship. You have the rest of your life ahead of you and the odds are VERY good that she is not 'the one' no matter how much you might think she is. Finish growing up first man, then worry about settling down.

    And yes you should be worried. She sounds like just the type to get pregnant on purpose without you agreeing.
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    For real.

    If you don't break it up, well, I see you paying child support for the next 18 years :wave:

    And I say this due to her wanting a baby badly at such a young age.....if you're not careful she is going to get pregnant on purpose I suggest not having sex with her anymore lol.

  16. Huh? :confused:

  17. if she wants your child, anytime, then she can wait till you're both fully mature... ever i gotta agree with osg here about her sounding like the type of girl who would try to get pregnant without you knowing. haha keep all turkey basters away from her at all times.
  18. :confused::eek:watch it bro, girls like this have been known to do all kinds of shit to get pregnant!#1don't have sex w/her until she's of age!!! #2use protection that u provide;i.e.condom w/spermacidal nonoxyl-9,and u put on yourself,no poking holes...etc.#3 DON'T be fooled by the old"it's ok i'm on birth control,we don't need a rubber"line.sorry to b so blunt but iv'e seen this first hand w/a bro. he got her pregnant his senior year even though she said she was on the pill & used condoms(she provided & put on him)so be mighty careful kid:wave:
  19. yup/\
  20. just don't accept her 'perfectly good' condoms

    Why the fuck are you engaged to a 16 year old, what is this? 1675?

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