My girl is growing balls.......Booooooo

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    I found what is starting to look like a male flower on my purple wreck plant today.......The tricomes are milky white and I cool with that because I have an a huge Ak plant right next to her and I was thinking abouty having the purp be my lets go run around and be stoopid bud and my Ak for my holly shit i have been on the couch all day bud. I havent given the purp any nutes for for three days today being the fourth. The flower is starting to scare me........with that being said would anyone recomend any of the flushing solutions so I can get this thing croped before she/he jizzes on my Ak

  2. A see a couple of balls and like 2 or 3 bugs on the right lower/mid section. Heh I guess that doesn't help you out does it :/

    Sorry mate but hey,
    bump. :)

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