My girl friend as a cartoon :-P

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ideal, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. I tried to make a cartoon of my girl friend and here it is


    ill post a pic of her later
  2. yo ur gurl has the fattest ass in that pic ur a very lucky man
  3. Why do other dudes like fat asses? I'm into the small and round. Someone explain me it.
  4. cause man, a nice fat ass is nice ;X all that jiggle, and when hitten it from the back, you see the jiggle it's just like "WHOA!"... PS... ideal, you're girl is mad ugly! lol, she looks like marge from the simpsons mixed with... a random homeless woman!
  5. Let it be, let it be ... let it be, let it be ... I love my girl friend, we just got back from a nice walk in the park ifcourse I packed 2 king sized joints which we smoked on the hood of my car looking at the starts listening to oldies and house :)
  6. Very cool man

  7. Because your ancestors likely came from a place where being small and round was conducive to survival, whereas others needed some junk in the trunk to survive their respective environments.
  8. trippy THUMBS UP
  9. okay, why do i just see a little red x in a box for an icon and no pic?

  10. Deep.. your making checking asses into a philosophical quest. I think I oughtta conduct more research..

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