My GFs or ex's mom made her break up with me

Discussion in 'General' started by Doggmann420, May 31, 2006.

  1. Alright this all started because we got arrested a weekago for havin a pipe (I got assulted by a cop for no reason) I'll now show you the note her mom gave her with guildlines on what she needs to do for her love and support
    1. NO contact or communication of Any sort whatever with adam (Me), any friends associated with adam or adams family.

    2. Weekly drug wests at your expense ($30.00) with Dr. Agostino's Nurse.

    3. Weekly counseling sessions at my expence with Slatoff and ward. Receipts needed for tax rebate.

    4. No lies what so ever. You will answere fully and honestly all questions asked by me. you will not lie on any subject, wether it involves adam or not.

    5. No Arrests for any reason.

    6. You will get involved in church and civic activities to meet new people and improve your quality of friends and life.

    If you want my love and support, you must live to standards which I believe are important to your futur and happieness. If you connot do this, I cannot give you my support

    Your failer to not follow all of the above even one time (0% tolerance) will result in your being required to move out of the house immediatly upon my discovery. Just so you know, I intend to actively and randomly check compliances with these rules.

    How fuckin bull shit is that 3 and a half years and thats how her mom handles it I'm being labled for sure by everyone and i'm having a really hard time dealing with all my problems I dont know what to do I mean shes almost 19 and her mom wants to run her life and i've never pressured anyone into smoking weed I wouldnt ever do that I strongly believe that if you dont want to do something you shouldnt and i've always been that way shes making it seem like my fault and its not. On top of that I'm canadian and living in the US so I may have to move back in 6years because of me getting arrested.
  2. well, i would be like "see ya mom"

    fuck that shit completely. I would call up a friend and chill at their place until i got enough money together to move the hell out on my own.

    that sucks you and her broke up because of nazi mom. hopefully the girl realizes she should not put up with that
  3. You're adults... c'mon now :rolleyes:
  4. She hasent made up her mind on wether or not shes gunna leave I think she doesnt want to ruin her relationship with her mom witch I understand but in my opinion any mom who will completly ignore their own daughter over this and run her life it isnt love its obsession. But everyone has their own opinion
  5. i can understand not wanting to ruin it, but the second the mom tried pulling that shit, she brought it on herself

    people need to all take rasta's constant advice and to stand up for themselves and not take shit. Or if they are going to take the shit, then stop complaining about it(not saying you are man, the situation is shitty for her)

    i agree, that mom is a wacko completely
  6. Okay.

    Tell your girlfriend to talk to her mother. Recommend that the two of them go see a family councilor.

    They will see very quickly that her mother has some very deeply root control issues.

    Perhaps then, her mother would rethink this.
  7. Trust me bro I am always one to state my opinion I dont care who they are :bongin:
  8. Very good call rasta :hello: thank you
  9. One word of warning, those councilors aren't cheap!

    And if your girlfriend is anything like mine, she'll be paying out of your pockets.
  10. exxxxxxactly.

    i have the exact same problem man. well except that hasnt happened, but it would if my girl got caught. i know that would happen just like that.

    her parents are idiots. but she's gonna be at college, so they dont have to know. its ridiculous cuz last week and her mom found 4....FOUR bottle of smirnoff girl stuff in her car, and i straightup told her mom i bought it.

    she was speechless that I didnt lie or try to hide it.

    but yea thats gay man.
  11. Me and my GF love eachother so much she'd pay for it if she needed to but of course I would do what I could to help or pay for it because she is a WRECK or was when I saw her and so am I
  12. knock the old bitch out!
  13. i have a feeling that the mom would still be the way she is even after counseling RM. You know the type, always gotta have their way and even when it is clearly shown to them how psycho they are, they look the other way because the thought of being wrong makes them physically sick

    sorry to hear she is so torn up about it doggman. big difference between girls and guys i guess. I KNOW my parents would disown me if they ever found out and i have come to grips with that and am ready for the big FUCK YOU if the day were to ever come
  14. well down in the bible belt that would be pointless. southern christian families despise drugs. ive been to counseling and if drugs come up, they focus solely on YOUR problems, its like its some major flaw that overshadows what the parents might be doing wrong.
  15. Get this I havent mentioned it but her mom smoked weed till heidi (my gf) was 3! and I agree tokin her mom has her mind set shes a dumb bitch
  16. that sucks dude, you should tell her to tell her mom to fuck the fuck off. Find a place of her own, if shes 19 she should be somewhere out of her mothers reach anyway.

    otherwise she'll never truly experience life.
  17. Unfortunatley you're right, scoob.

    We can thank the American anti-drug propaganda for that.

    Hopefully it sends Doggmann in the right direction. Probably the only way to overcome this is to have your girlfriend to tell her mom to fuck off. I hate to say it, especially in spite of drug use, but this mother sounds absolutley crazy. Sometimes you need to know when to stand your ground, and not let people run your life.
  18. That sounds like my ex's parents....feel for you man....if she loves you she'll wait.
  19. yea dude i definitely feel you on this one, i was with my ex gf for a year and her mom found out i smoke weed n called me up tellin me how she'll call the police if she see's me with her daughter n shit, i still stayed with her for another year n a half until my drug use eventually jus made her hate me, so i fucked myself in the end permanently, prolly the only thing in life i regret, but i dunno i'd vote do what i do and keep it undercover
  20. Thanks for all the support guys I have none from anyone at this point, makes it really hard to keep goin.
    Thank you again

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