My General Attitude About Kanye Wests Is phuck Kanye West, But I Like This Song.

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  1. I think this is a good car-riding song.
  2. the only song i like by him is mercy and that's only because i used to go burn cruising with a few other people blasting this song. lol 
  3. I like everything Kanye pre-2009.
  4. people talk so much shit in barbershops, they forget to get they haircut..
  5. Kanye is a total douche, but he can definitely rhyme and make beats
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    he's gonna have a girl. his music will probably change a little.
    Love Lock Down is a good jam too. the video is a trip, with aborigine people and space craft and giant blue space women... yea
  7. Hit 'em, J. :cool:

  8. Tooo many people judge Kanye for his persona rather than his actual music
  9. A Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was an amazing album. Kanyes albums are always good. Brilliant producer and a quintessential rapper. 
  10. Ye is the man, and Yeezus is going to be amazing.
  11. Kanye West is one of the greatest musicians of all time
    OF ALL TIME!!!
  13. I think college dropout will remain on my favorite top 5 albums list.
  14. kanye west - bitersweet poetry
    your welcome
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    Honestly I only liked his first album and the few rare tracks he put out before them.
    This track from 1996 is probably his best.(lyrically speaking) if he made music like this still i would be a fan.
  16. I dont really like him for all the ignorant and douchey things he's done but Graduation is one of my favorite albums. Genius.

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