my fun week

Discussion in 'General' started by solarsinsemilla, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. first off i'd like to tell nucan, sorry i never got you the pot, i saved it untill monday when you were gone, i had an 8th. but it was good shit i was gettin so high at lunch, one day me and my friend were stoned and we just started driving on the left side of a road for no reason we were just that high.( i know stupid stuff like that gives stoners a bad name but we were catious and it was fun). then we one day we were baked again and drove to taco bell where there was a huge line and my friend pulled to the side and cut a lady off and we got half through the line, but being so stoned and friendly we left and left the people have their spots back. then today we were stoned as hell again and went through the whole wendy's drive through in reverse it was so funny i was hittin the pipe talking to the people. they were just laughin at us. o yeah nathan, vinny got a blunt roller i had us a 2 gram vanilla blunt rolled up i'm saving it for the day before i go to rehab
  2. its fine, dont worry about it.. will i be home the day before u leave? i come home on the 21st.. i have no idea when you leave. i failed my drug test up here, so im on that fucked up random drug testing group. but oh well. me and a freind up here are gonna eat some CCC this weekend..just cuz im sick of being sober. i been lookin for bud and shrooms like fucking crazy up here.. NO ONE HAS ANY. would u be able to send me any packages? they dont check any of your mail all. so its pretty safe on this end.
  3. Hey how did it feel driving on my side of the road......i'll need to try that....driving on the right hand side of the out....Sid

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