My fucked up story of the day

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  1. A buddy of mine and I were at the gym just working out, I was doing some pull
    ups and he was doing dumbbell press where you lay on your back and raise the dumbbells as if your benchpressing. So anyway for some reason I dont know, i wasnt really payin attention to him just doin my own thing, he dropped one of the dumbbells and it fell on his right testicle which fuckin popped. I actually heard the pop, but you shoulda hear him screaming. We rushed him to the hospital but ovbiously he lost his testicle. He is a changed man now

    So thats my fucked up story of the day. Anyone else got any good ones?
  2. Uhh..... I got gassy from a bean burrito?
  3. That happens sometimes.
  4. Dam fuck that im leaving this thread that shit is scary
  5. holy shit D:
  6. :eek::eek::eek:When I finished reading this my wife walked in and asked why my legs were crossed so tight. I didnt even realize that I crossed them
  7. you just ruined my day. I'll never stop worrying about something falling on and popping my testicle now :(
  8. How does he drop dumbbells from above his pecs to his nuts, that's special. Sucks though man.
  9. Yep testicular bueno
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    Fuck if i know, maybe he was sitting up about to finish. I knew this would creep ppl out hahaha
  11. ahhh you really ballsed that up man :/

  12. Im with ya on that one. Cringed big time at "I heard it pop"
  13. There are prosthetic testicles- kinda like a breast implant but firmer. I am quite surprised that they didn't offer him one!
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    There's nothin like the real thing
  15. thinking about that made my vajayjay hurt
  16. same thing happened to me, but in my case the dumbell exploded.

  17. Shit man, same here! :hello::hello::hello:
  18. My health teacher told me you couldnt pop a testicle when I asked her. Bitch lied :mad:
  19. Jesus, I put my dumbells between my legs sometimes to hold them in place after doing a set. I will definitely put them on the floor from now on.
  20. Just remember-he now have Chinese Balls( one hung low)

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