My fucked up dream.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MOBYDICK, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Since 2-a-days for football kills me i love to take naps between practices.
    Ive been smoking since the start of the year daily.

    Anyways so in my dream, i smoked like usual, only it was new weed i had. Man i went fucking stupid, and i was dreaming real life shit you know like goin to school and football,work, etc.

    and it was fucking scary! i couldnt focus, remember, anything. I was wayyyy to fucked up, thing is, my dream was like my life so it was like my whole life i was mentally ill.

    I havent been happier in the past months when i woke up i tell ya.

    Has anybody else had a type of dream like this?
  2. whoa! ive had dreams in a short ammount of time but it feels like a week or so. i usually dream that ive been to school naked and i feel eternal embarrassment lol:p

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