My friends house is cursed.

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  1. i'm a full believer of that to.

    So my friends mom leaves town, and my friend decided to have a party.
    It ended up as just 4 other friends drinking some forties. We all had about 1, some two. We are pretty heavy drinkers, and have a decent tolerence, but that night all of us threw up, and at like the same time. Not just once to, it was for about 2-3 hours of this. Fucking weird. After a while we are all fine, and want to go to sleep, but we needed to clean up. We were looking for the weed and the bowl, which swear on my life took about 2 hours to find. We fucked up that whole house trying to find it, and placed it in a safe spot in t drawer. Cleaned everything up. Went to sleep.

    The next morning we all woke up. Looked straight for the weed. It was gone ... again! Another 1 and a half hours of freaking out over it and it somehow was in his mom's room. idk.

    So. His mom comes home and finds a 40 lid. (My friend is only 16, but he's awesome). His mom didn't care at all and said if you wanted to throw a party just tell me.

    She leaves again about a month later, and he throws another party. This time it was way better planned, an had about 20-30 people there. I got off work late, and asked my friend if he wanted to go, and he came, and brought his girl friend.

    We get there and one of my good friends was nearly on the line of alcohol poisoning. He was shaking, and just being out of it. So he is on me team for beer bong, against my friend who came with me and his girlfriend.
    There was blood on the ball in the middle of the game, and we had to inspect. It was my partners blood, and his hand were bleeding and people were complaining. But, he was like so what it's just blood, just drink it and stop being a bitch. Then after that statement was getting yelled at and changes his story to look there's no blood on my hands. This eventually gets really heated and people are yelling at eachother. He keeps calling my friends girlfriend a bitch and she said say that one more time. He said it, and my friends girlfriend socked him in the face soo fucking hard he fell. Then they left.
    I went to talk to them outside and we were just laughing it off and smoking, and then he gave me some free purple haze. He's like one of my best friends, so yeah.

    So I get back into the house and there's just plain chaos. everyone is yelling at eachother. I come in and just go buck wild on my drunk as friend, then he starts throwing up and gos to sleep. (He had a black eye to). His brother was also there and then threw up. Almost everyone there threw up, including me. But i only had 2 effing beers, and this one dude threw up and he doesn't even drink.

    After evveryones throwing up, I start to look for my weed. It's gone!
    We start scavenging the house. I look next to my guitar, which I swear I put it there, and it wasn't there. after about an hour, I go back to my guitar and it magically appeared. Nothing else happened that night, we all went to sleep.

    Next morning,I lost my weed again, and so did my friend who owns the house, including the bowl. After another searching for 2 hours, we both find ours, and get the fuck out the house.

    Two weeks later, the girl who punched my friend, died.

    Crazy shit.
  2. sounded like a reasonable story until, the girl dying at the end. :confused:

    need proof or it didnt happen :p :smoke:
  3. i see irony not a curse lol. High school kids throwing up over a couple beers isn't a curse at all, pretty natural i say.

    drink harder for the girl who died
  4. Sounds more like your friends are cursed hah..or maybe just idiots
  5. I read all of but well it's all just pointless sorry man just drunk people being drunk
  6. It's not even about the drunkness. It's about loosing the fucking weed. We didn't even loose it it just disapears and reappears. And the throwing up. and the girl dying.
    Sucks she was cool as hell.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot to add. His house is also a daycare lmao.
  8. Oh wow.

    You know, I never do this, but you've forced my hand...

  9. So no possibility at all that being drunk you forgot where it was exactly and/or didn't look as hard as you thought you did.
  10. What is this paranormal activity
  11. Im with him, BS man.
  12. Hey man, don't come in here telling a story about weed dissapearing, cursed houses, drunk dudes getting owned by girls, guy having random bleeding hands and girls randomly dying and call ME an asshole.

    Like what the fuck, this sounds like a magic show for fuck sakes.
  13. He could be like the grudge lady thing
  14. shits real! get the fuck out of da house! repeat!
  15. You say you guys are heavy drinkers but all of you puke? Literally all of you puke?

    2 beers shouldn't make anyone puke really unless you're a 16 year old girl. Just sayin.
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    Yes, because EVERYONE cares if you believe him or not.

    Oh wait, nobody does
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    OP is a fag with bitch friends who get sick of 2 beers lmao. None of this is true, you all drank 1 beer and were so drunk didn't know what was going on.. Just stop..

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