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My friends are total moochers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pablo420, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Ok, every time i get herb they want to smoke with me. Now thats fine, i just wish they would buy every once and a while (or at least buy munchies). damn...
  2. Dude. I know exactly what you mean. I got some chill friends who usually drop or provide but then i got like 2 friends who are straight up moochers. I like them but when it comes to weed i dont even want to hang with em
  3. dude they might be friends with mary, not you. hang out with them without smoking see how things go :eek:
  4. Just tell them straight up that you can't afford to smoke them out all the time. If they have 5 to throw every once in a while, that's chill, but they should definitely understand if you tell them that you pay too much. If they bitch at that, they're probably not some good friends to begin with.
  5. then they are not your friends. tell them suck an aids dick. then go smoke a dutch
  6. I've got the same deal except it not them having money to buy it. It them having dirt weed and not good. So everytime we hang out they want to smoke mine and not there.

    from the dungeon
  7. hit em with the choppa. call that shit hot lava :D
  8. Yeah man I hear you, my friends are the same. But it's because I'm the only regular smoker I think. And I was ok with that for a while, but after smoking them down all summer it's getting pretty old... I think I've gotten like $40 and a burrito for sharing ounces of my buds with them.
  9. #9 lovetobtokn, Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Make a joke somehow about how they don't buy any weed, "daddy's rolling a blunt, come smoke children", something. Pick on them, talk shit, make fun of them for not having money. Before you smoke tell them they are buying for next time. Something. Or roll yourself something to smoke, and have a smaller amount to smoke with them. Smoke the little bit with them, and them dome yours in front of them. If you get questions, tell them its cause they don't throw in and youu already smoked your free weed
  10. this. you're only a doormat if you let yourself be a doormat. stand up for yourself.
  11. nah i hang out with them all the time without smoking weed. I am in high school and i am the only one with money.
  12. most of my friends straight mooch. Thats why i like smoking with my "more stoner" friends. They at least throw down.
  13. be direct and tell them to chip in.

    i only smoke with 2 people, they always chip in or they will come with munchies.

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