My friends are so boring

Discussion in 'General' started by annathetokerr, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Okay, usually when I smoke I smoke alone or with my wife. Sometimes we invite company over to have a night of smoking. They bring their weed and we usually supply the glass and we smoke our own stash. But lately I have started dreading having smoke buddies over because they are just so fucking boring. They smoke - eat - try to watch a movie and then they are passed out 2 hours later.

    These are not friends that smoke on a regular basis, just once in a while. Every time they come over I try to make plans of something else we can do, maybe go for a walk in the woods, listen to music, play games. But no its always the same thing, eat and sleep. And they usually always spend the night because they don't want to drive home or don't want their parents seeing them high.

    I don't really know what to do since I don't want to tell them to fuck off. But on the same hand I don't always wanna be the person they come to when they wanna smoke. They don't want to smoke at their place because of neighbours, parents etc. Just getting sick and tired of being used as a smoke place. And my fridge is always empty the next day...

    That was my long rant lol. Peace friends.
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  2. tbh that's what friends are for. simply being there. i have zero friends so I just make do with mary jane and my insane brain
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  3. That sucks just lie and say your not home when they ask. I do that sometimes. I love my friends but sometimes I like alone time. But my friends respect my family time and fridge situation.

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  4. your my friend sparkles!
  5. require munchies brought
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  6. That's what non smokers say about me. Motherfucker, you just say that because you want to see yourself in others. It's not my fault YOU'RE boring, waiting for someone else to engage and entertain you. We're all adults, if you've got something to say, let me know, I'm not a mind reader.
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  7. Yes but this post was about ME trying to engage and entertain others not the other way around. If I want to get baked and watch a movie I will do it by myself or with my wife. When I'm with friends I like to have a bit more fun.

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  8. Some friends are more interesting when they're asleep. Unplug the TV and say it's broke, see what they're like when they're not watching TV.
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  9. Tell them you're bored with the routine.
    Honestly that sound fantastic to me. But if you're bored and they're raiding your fridge tell them you want something different. If they're your friends they should understand.
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  10. Change the vibe completely during a smoke sesh by holding them hostage with airsoft guns
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  11. Ok, is anyone else kinda confused with the whole hes married and out living a good life but his friends are still living with their parents. You need new more mature friends my man.
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  12. Try meeting some new people maybe or just bring up an idea of something you'd like to do :) at least one is sure to be on board
  13. Or already be doing/ setting up what you want when they arrive

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  14. Judging by the OPs username I'd guess she's a chick, but I completely agree, it is kinda confusing.
  15. make them bring their own snacks or buy the take out if they are coming to ur house and eating all ur food
  16. Op first of all if they still live with their parents then you need to find a new group of pals & second if their just comin over to eat'cha food up & to crash on ya couch then just tell'em whats real say "fck watchn movies & feedin y'all bcuz thats all yall do is eat n sleep & that bores me to death i git sick o' dat shit" .. see bcuz if you dont tell'em whats real. op then your just gonna be caught in this same routine ..
  17. Yeah, my best friend just chats me up to play video games, pretty much. We haven't gone out since last year.

    It honestly doesn't bother me anymore. I'm happy just to socialize in online forums on the internet, make business connections in real life.. and then go out to nightclubs on my own in order to satisfy my romantic and sexual needs.
  18. I second this

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  19. ok so the best way to do this is very simple. find out something that they don't like doing, like absolutely hate and whenever they light up about 15 minutes or so in just as it fully kicks in you gotta do that thing that they don't like every time they come over so that they eventually, like unknowingly pair that thing they don't like with smoking weed at your place and make sure to not make it obvious like you gotta just say you really got into it or something so that you don't make them think that you are deliberately trying to get them out you have to make them come to the conclusion on their own so that you don't burn any bridges ya feel me.

    so for example, everyone hates the smell of sheep stomach, just the wiff of the stuff can make some hurl, but like there are some people that enjoy eating that shit so when they for example start toking start making a sheep stomach soup and tell them that you just love eating the stuff. Don't actually eat it, just tell them it takes about 4 hours or so to make. but they'll eventually pair the disgusting smell with toking at your place and then stop showing up all together most likely

  20. I'm a girl, I'm 26. My friends are from 21-25 and some still live their parents for various reasons. They are both mature and immature in their own ways but I se your point.

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