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My friend..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bowserx1, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So my friend who is new to smoking (female and gorgeous) only smokes joints for now. I have the intention of getting with her and I also have a spare glass pipe which is blue green and pink. Would it be cute if I gave it to her as a present or is that a bit creepy? I do have her best intentions in mind cause smoking joints isin't the most effective way to smoke, nor the healthiest. I think she would like it... I just dont want to come off as a creeper... I guess this is more girl advice then weed advice, but I trust the GC forums like none other..:ey:
  2. Do it dude! 95% chance she will think better of you for it, and on the off chance that she does think it's weird or whatever, just give her the same reasoning u used here. U can just tell her u were watching out for her because joints aren't the most effective way to smoke. But i bet it won't even come to that and she will just appreciate the gift. Plus, as u said, the piece is a spare, u don't have anything to lose.
  3. I don't know a single stoner that wouldn't accept a free glass pipe if they didn't already have one.
  4. Of course you should, not creepy at all and I'm sure she'll find it a nice gesture.

    Just make sure to clean it first, nobody wants a handed down dirty ass pipe you know?
  5. Thanks =D... my other internal debate was to give her this glass pipe or a mini bong that I got, along with a digues case (looks like an arizona can and the bong fits perfectly inside so its a great disguise)... but it was like 50$ (as opposed to the 25$ pipe) and I think it may be coming off a bit too strong..
  6. don't give a girl you're trying to impress a used piece. Unless she thinks its the coolest pipe she's ever seen. take homegirl in a smoke shop "for a blunt wrap", let her look around and pay attention to the one's she likes. then when you're paying, just be like ill take 2 of those peach zig zags and that pipe she's lookin at. instadome.

  7. It would be her first piece and it is very portable and rips really well
  8. Yea. for all of you saying dont give her a used pipe.. It has been used once and it was with her.. She is going to college (as am I) in about 2 weeks, so I wanted to give it to her before she went as a goodbye/remember me for break present...
  9. When you give it to her make sure there's already a bowl packed in there. It's like a present inside a present!

  10. ^Great idea man!
  11. Thats not creepy man, thats actually a really good idea. Im sure she'll love it

  12. Stick with the pipe!

  13. Just out of curiosity.. why? Im not saying I disagree or agree.. just want to undertand your logic =D
  14. Clean it first very good, though.

  15. Yea i will.. thoroughly. Rubbing alc and salt right?

  16. Well, the more resin the better XD :smoke:
  17. Give her the pipe = getting it in.
    Jk not really. Think of it as like a down payment for the pussy though.
  18. Ts is a simp man, stop fucking up the game just smoke her up and fuck

    This is why chicks walk on pedestals let her earn something
  19. Fuck that shit, keep the pipe and get her something that she can show off to everybody instead of just her stoner friends... something she can wear out to a good time. Maybe she'll think of YOU instead of the guy trying to pick her up.

    Of course, if she's the kind of girl who puts out for drug paraphernilia then don't waste your money. I wouldn't touch it.

  20. What I do for my glass bowl on my bong is rinse it thoroughly with water to get all the gunk wet, then get a Q-Tip and scrape off all the gunky gunk with it. Does the job pretty good looks like a new bowl when cleaned.

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