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My Friend Thinks He Sucked My Dick?

Discussion in 'General' started by loveisintheair, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. u probably made him gay... now u have to be his boyfriend or u will go to hell...

  2. seriously... what straight guy puts his fingers in another dudes mouth lmfao... thats like gross man...
  3. i think that counts as three kicks in the ass
  4. Soo...your in a dark room, your friend is next to you passed the fuck out. You pull down your pants and stick your fingers in his mouth....

    thats soooo fucking gay dude lmao

  5. LMAO you really brought this kids inner-demons out! So fucking funny
  6. i call bullshit. I dont buy it, you probably did stick your penis in his mouth. Perhaps your the one in denial?

    in any case
    *strums guitar*

    There once were to cowboys alone out on the trail, then they discovered you can have sex with another male. now theyre having butt sex, cowbow buttsex SODOMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! yeah sodomy!
  7. this is why you never pass out drunk around white people

  8. ....the fuck?
  9. So, you guys are gay for each other? That's what I'm hearing here. Just admit it.
  10. I'm pretty sure that i could tell the difference between a dick and a finger.... i'll bet he can too.
  11. Why were you putting your fingers in his mouth? That sounds kind of gay if you ask me..
  12. Probably was your meat hammer.
  13. Way to go man, pretending to sexually assault your friend is totally awesome. For the record, I would punch you in the mouth.
  14. why would you even post something so humiliating? i know it's anonymous, but you're pretty much revealing you're a gay man.
  15. This thread is full of gold. I laughed my ass off through all 3 pages. I rarely rate threads, but your gayness deserves these 5 stars.
  16. lol op sees responses and is like " shit........."
  17. If he is “super religious” then drinking for the first time may have already filled him with guilt. Who knows what form of scare tactics he was raised with to warn against drinking. In a worse-case scenario, he may have actually been sexually abused in his youth and the experience caused a bad flashback.

    In the future I suggest you avoid messing with people unless that is an established part of your relationship. It does not sound like this was the case here.

    I am concerned that he has been insisting to people that you sexually violated him. Expressing a desire to die is equally serious. If he did cause harm to himself, his GF (among others) may directly blame you. Then it's your word against theirs.

    You need to approach this from his point of view.

    In his point of view, he was passed out drunk and you put a part of your body into his mouth. He was vulnerable and you violated his person and his trust. (Where the sexual slant comes from I cannot say, but for whatever reason he believes it. That is what is important.)

    If he is underage then he may feel especially trapped because he cannot tell anyone in a position of authority about what happened. Most overtly religious people grow up knowing that they can always turn to their parents or their Church leaders for help, but for the first time in his life that is not the case.

    Taking these points into consideration, all you can do is offer assurance that that you would never violate him likes that. Sincerely apologize for your actions. Tell him that it was your finger. Do not offer excuses such as, “it was only a joke,” “you're over reacting”. That is the last thing he wants to hear.

    Then leave it at that.

    Unfortunately there is not much more you can do. Whatever personal issues are going on with him will have to remain with him unless he either works them out, or he moves past them. For your sake I hope the fallout fades quickly.

    In the future handle first-timers with kid-gloves, and that extends to all activities.


  18. This reminds me of that south park episode where cartman sucks butters dick and takes a picture of it to show everyone. He thinks that butter is the gay one for getting his dick sucked haha
  19. this thread is pretty fucking gay I think you might be too OP.

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