My friend the self proclaimed hardcore toker; is anything but...

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  1. This story happened a few months ago but I got a kick out of it and I think alot of people can relate in some way.

    It starts Im talking with my friend about how Ive tried to reach my limit but even after like 15 bowls in 3 hours of headies I can easily still smoke. Also Im the one person that almost never coughs even when I milk the PHX trinity (which I do everytime, normally to the point of yellowing smoke).

    So my friend is like yea whatever, I can smoke just as much as you if not more.

    I know him well enough to know hes full of shit and thinks im just making shit up, which I wasn't, and don't feel the need to even exagerate.

    So we visit my friends at the college I was at for a semester. We are getting ready to smoke and Im like Im like ok, Im smoking a bowl to the head with a 4 foot blue dot, 5 perculator bong my friend has. I milked all 4 feet of it yellow, took it in two breaths. And not a single cough.

    My friend is up next he milks it aswell and starts coughing his ass off. He is so stunned he can't even finish his hit. So I clear it for him even tho it was sitting for like a min, I don't give a fuck.

    He sits down or more falls into a chair. After like 2 mins his eyes were fully red zombie like. Im just like 'dude are high?' I knew the answer but he replies with 'chill dude'
    Within like 2 more mins He starts to look sick, like when you see someone drunk and you know there gonna puke sooner or later. Then his eyes start rolling in his sockets It was mad funny but I was concerned and asking him if he wanted anything ( a drink, a bucket you know, whatever) he just kept replying with 'chill dude' even when I told him flat out I knew what was coming.

    So like 30 seconds after that hes leaned back in the comp chair, arms haning touching the floor head back and just like retardedly high. Then he suddenly leans forward and came real close to puking on the kids coffee table, but he managed to hold back.

    We get him a bucket and hes puking in it small amounts for the next few hours. We smoked at 11pm, The party started at midnight and went until about 6am, it was a big event. He was just so fucked up from the single hit that he didn't move for like 4 hours then just went to pass out.

    What made it worse was I came up with this girl to visit her friend which is also my friend and we know her from highschool. These two girls are drinking downstairs, and I had a great chance with the one to do my thang... lol but being the good friend I am while I was checking up on my bong raped friend they decided to leave for the dorms and pass out. I found out later she did something with some other guy I don't know or really care exactly what, I just know they didn't flat out have sex.

    Either way I still had a good time and proved my point that I am the superior toker lol.
  2. lol what a loser. don't talk what you can't back up
  3. I'd rather be your friend in this story. Hell, the less it takes to get me wrecked the better.

    And besides, I don't see why he is trying to brag about being a hardcore toker. Smoke weed to get high, not see who passes out first or pukes first, or can smoke the most. When I'm high I've accomplished all that needed to be done.
  4. Well the thing is he was really sick and he hated it, its not like he just got ripped and was tripping, he had a horrible headache and was puking too sick to even sleep. He was pissed cause he wanted to party since he never lived in dorms or a college town, but he couldn't.

    I do agree with the less weed to get wrecked the better though lol.
  5. Man I used to be able to smoke like you, now I'm like your friend. I only need 1 hit and I'm soooooo faded.
  6. i hate that shit. one time when i got caught by my mom a couple years back, me and a couple friends were toking on some good nugglet, and i took a massive rip and i coughed and coughed and i suddenly puked. (good thing i was right next to my window at the time) lol :smoking: u did what u had to, he obviously cant back up his shit. but you proved him wrong. :smoking:
  7. yea dude, fuck that ill take pussy over pot anyday.

    cuz uh, i could always smoke pot later. pussy doesnt come 24/7.
  8. I always show up my friend, but I have taken hits where Ive felt the first effects of your buddy's description. My friend always is like chill dude and refuses to admit defeat when I show him up, one time he was like let me roll and I was like I can roll a better blunt for sure and so I did it was near perfect first try ever rolling and the whole night I was just pressing him to admit it was good then he goes finally..."nice but i can do better"...the fucker
  9. people talk themselves up to much.

    if there's one thing i've learned with people like that, it's that actions speak louder than words.

    i'll humor some kid who's telling me that he only smokes the BOMB dank, and he can rip for hours on end.

    introduce keif into the situation and you'll see who is really a seasoned toker and who's just a bullshitter.
  10. When I would smoke, back in the day, I was still a seasoned toker.. And when I start up again, I will probably be a seasoned toker anyway.. But let me tell you.. My tolerance is so fucking low.. I can get high off the shittiest schwag you lay on me. Which is actually good because if I really want to smoke, I dont have to spend alot of money.. I like to have dank as well, and I still love smoking it.. But man am I ripped from it. :rolleyes:

    In a world where prices of weed change more than gas prices.. It's good to have a low tolerance.
  11. Im glad for my low tolerance. I got a bag with 50 seeds in it a while back and i still got high off the weed.
  12. I know i can smoke for days, but i cough like fuck..... i don't thik it matters, some people cough.....but i can hold my own when it comes to smoking alot of weed.

    A couple of years ago me and my friends got a 1/2 O of some diggity dank and we smoked it ALL in 3 hoours. There was only 5 people including me. We rolled blunts , joints, packed bongs, pipes, bubblers, homemades. I was retarded by the end of the night but it was worth it.

  13. Dude, me too. Some days it can take me 2 bowls. Some days I can take a toke and be ripped.:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  14. I see I've already commented here, but i thought this was funny enough to add.

    I got my new Toro on 420, and my friend was calling me begging me to drive like 45-1 hour to his house for a party and wanted me to bring my bong.

    Kept saying how we were going to smoke all night and whatnot.

    Brought it over and started sessioning.

    The first bowl retired at least 75% of the people there, and the rest were done after their second hit.

    Me and my girlfriend were the only ones constantly hitting the tube all night.

    The host was hilarious when he first hit it. We matched on a big bowl, and I took half greens, then he took it....but he hit the tube insanely hard for some reason, like it milked 2 feet of glass to his lips in like 1.5 seconds, then he tries to clear it and :eek:

    It looked like his hit scared everyone else in the room.
  15. lol bro that shit was hilarious, i know kids EXACTLY like that who r like bro i smoke 4 blunts a day everyday, and the best part is wen he said chill dude, the kids i know do the same shit wen someone puts them on the spot or confrotns them theyre just like nah chill chill nahhhhhh chiill
  16. i loled at "bong raped friend."

    but that sucks dude. i hate pissing contests.

    make sure to give him a lot of shit later on. :)
  17. At school one day, one of my associates asked me if I wanted to come smoke with him after school. My other friend, a complete dumbass in every aspect, was talking about how much he could smoke. We get to the guys house after school. We walk in and immediately roll a blunt. It's DJ first, Gregory second, Brian third, and me fourth. I'm always the one taking the biggest hits, because i'm always in it to win it. So after the blunt, i'm pretty fucked up. We pull out the glass pipe and pack a bowl. We pass it around about 3 times, packing new bowls when necessary. Everybody else stops, and I keep going.

    No real point to the story. I don't even know why I typed it. :smoking:
  18. Since when did smoking weed become a contest?
  19. no one likes saying "i take pussy hits," so cut the kid a break

    who cares how many hits it takes you to get high? tolerance contests? come on, the point is to get HIGH, which he obviously did. i hope that if i smoke 15 bowls of headies i'm NEVER not totally stoned, because that is such a waste of weed it's ridiculous.

    props for the blue dot, i have one too. and phx trinity's are great pieces. gj.

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