my friend is seriously starting to annoy me...

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    Sup GC

    I have this friend, J, who very chill to hang out with and all but the thing that pisses me off is that he ALWAYS comes up with some stories about him fucking some bitches or smoking too much weed he's high for 3 days and shit like that.

    Like last Friday, we were chillin at my other friend's house and J brought 2 chicks to hang out with. They were tight, they smoked with us and me and one of the chicks, H, were starting to hit it off, just getting to know each other and shit. We probably spent a good amount of the night just talking to each other. Later in the night J says he's going back home and the girls leave as well back to their house. The next day I see him he tells me that when he was chillin with us he had like 5 glass of gin and punch with H(he actually stole liquor from my friend and i called him on it but he was like it's not a big deal :eek:... the fuuuck??) and that instead of going home he went back to the chicks' house, drank some more and started fooling around with H. He was like "I didn't fuck her but like we were both naked and we were fooling around." Now J is not the typical hot guy, I don't wanna sound like a dick but he's kinda big(not muscular big) and he can be pretty childish sometimes(like a lot) and H is definitely not the type of girl that would go for that type of guy.
    Anyways I didn't want to call bullshit on him when he told me the story, while he was telling me what happened I was like, "oh yeah. thats tight. cool" and shit like that. At the same time I feel bad callin him out cuz I'm not that type of guy but it's just that's is so fucking annoying to here all his crap stories.

    Next time I'll straight up tell him his shit's whack
    And that he should stop with all the crap.

    Sorry for the rant I know there is nothing you guys can do about it, I just wanted to vent a lil. Any other blades have bullshitin friends like that and if so how did you deal with it??
  2. Dude, it's a fact that every guy will exaggerate stories to make themselves seem manlier.
  3. I like to call it stroking the ol' ego.

    I know people like that and it's all just a game really.
  4. Sorry bro, he brought the chicks, and left with chicks+liquor. He's probably telling the truth.
  5. yea i know but its lately he's been coming up with more wtf stories and it just started to annoy me. like i said, next time i'm just gonna start callin him out

    i can hardly believe it cuz when i went to high school with him he got zero pussy and not even any hookups or anything...
  6. ask H straight up and see if its true. then when u find out it isnt true.. can his fat ass.

  7. next time i have the chance to chill with her I will definitely ask her about all of it
  8. AHAHA this sounds like some highschool shit. I'd choose a different circle your friend cramps your style.

  9. And besides, clearly he's a little girl because 'H' and him were both naked and he couldn't seal the deal. Bitch made right there.
  10. I cant stand people that sit on top of their ego's.
  11. The only way to cure a one upper, is to start busting them on every story they are telling.
  12. yeah i know how you feel bro i have this friend who is SUPER annoying he's like a chick to argue with he's never wrong and always has an excuse when you call bs on his stories or prove him wrong, he's really annoying to smoke with like he's the tripper that never grow's a tolerence and always says how he's fucked up and always tells you how he's tripping on shit and you just feel like turning around and saying shut the fuck up i'm trying to chill out and think cause i'm one of those thinking chill out guys, like on day back when we were like 16 we were at my mates house and fair enough i'd been smoking ALOT more than him and we were sating at my dads and we had about 2hrs till we had to be there. I did warn him like dude this is pretty strong for me and i have a stronger tolerence than you, we both know that, he says yeah bro i know what you're saying i know my limits, So when we get there another guy who's about to leave is like yeah go 2ups, i say DON'T DO IT i have to and i'm high as. So being the hero that he is he goes for it and 15 minutes later he's fucked and not getting better, he's going green and twitching with the music we're listening to, by the time we had to go home he was still baked as i could've gone for another and gone home i had two like him. After he came down he admitted it was the highest he'd ever been and he said he was majorly trippin balls and about to green out. Don't say i didn't warn him though. sorry bout the bitch though fuck those people who think they're great and everything and have those big egos but don't admit it piss me the fuck off.

  13. yea he's exactly like that or sometimes we would split a blunt together and he would say he's not high even though his eyes are bloodshot and he's squinting like a mother fucker.

    Anyways today he came up again with some bullshit. he was telling a story about how when he use to live abroad he was chillin with his brother and a brother's friend and the friend pulls out a 5 ounce bag of weed.

    First off he tells me the bag of weed is as big as those outside starbucks table(we were chillin at starbucks). Now I haven't seen 5 ounces before but ive seen an ounce and i seriously dont think 5oz is that big(correct me if im wrong please).
    Second he tells me that the friend got the weed for free because the dealer had some problem with the cops and just gave it away. Who the fuck gives out 5oz just like that??. That's bullshit number 2. That's when i started to call him out and sayin his story is totally made up but he was like fuck you man im being serious.
    Third he tells me that it was the best shit he ever smoked and that after smoking one day he was high for 3 days. bullshit again. I was seriously starting to get pissed but i kept calm and told him that shit could never happen.

    That stubborn douche continues on with his story saying that he kept that bag of weed for 2 years. I shit you not,he told me 2 years. I was like "dude, please tell me you realize how retarded your story is? you can't keep weed for 2 years. 2 month tops but not 2 years. stop with the bullshit man this just makes you sound like a total dumbass" now i was really pissed. he goes on to tell me that its all true but that he doesn't remember much of it because it happened when he was 6 years old. Upon hearing that I got up and just left without saying a word.
    Blades, I think I am done hanging out with J; he's gonna have to find a group of tool friends to toke with from now on....
  14. So the fat kid got drunk, punched H, then managed to get naked with her? And fat?

  15. drank gin and punch*. It was not the choice place for parentheses, OP I was also confused. But yeh people like those are so gay and you can't trust their word for shit. I had a guy back in high school tell me that the year prior his uncle gave him a quarter pound of bubba kush and a 1000$ Illadelph bong and a 200$ custom "difuser" which when he described it sounded like a perc attachment. Sure enough when he tried to be Mr. Legit and showed me a picture on his phone (which I had actually seen a few times on the net) it was a perc he was talking about, as well as a shitty photo taken with a phone from the web. I kindly called shenanigans and decided to never associate with him again
  16. Dog I had a friend in high school that everyone thought was gay and when he went to away to college i heard he fucked 2 girls his first week...I barely got any pussy in high school but when it did it all happened in like a month. and there were like 6...pussy just comes and goes for some people..cause i've barely gotten any since that haha and that was like a 8 months ago..
  17. Sounds like your typical douche bag.

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