My friend has seriously gone too far...

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  1. Hey guys, so i just wanna tell this story about my friend..

    well.. so i known him for a few years, but we didnt talk much at first, only when we started smokin up together and shit..
    from what i knew he always had money, always had weed, we smoked each other up, he could do shit like come to the movies, buy more weed or go eat...

    Then, slowly it all starts getting bad..
    he gets a summer job, earns quite alot of money, for a guy who is just finishing up school (so living with his dad) after failing the first time...
    every cent he has, he spends on weed.. and i mean, over 1000 dollars he had earnt in like 2 weeks or so..
    he still gets some money, dont know from where.. but yea, so he still buyin himself weed, still all good, can still pay to go to movies like i said before...
    then.. slowly he starts only having half the money, still spendin it all on weed, and when we go to hang out in town and shit, never having money to do anything..

    then its to the point where he sometimes asks us to buy him stuff, so we are all like, ok, lets help him out, he doesnt have alot of cash..

    so lately he has no cash at all.. and i mean nothing.
    he comes to town, hoping we can smoke him up... his most used phrase being "hey, do u think i could have some" either for money or weed...
    so we still hang out, he always comes, always without money, we still always smoke him up and shit..

    now its to the point where he hasnt paid anything for about 5 fucking months.. 5 months where we have always paid for the weed, always paid for food for him..,a nd even for his cinema ticket sometimes..

    so once he gets some money to pitch, by asking his sister... and well... when we split up end of the weekend he just takes the bad with the rest of the weed in it and says, yea, i paid for a part of it, so i think i should keep the rest..

    we looked at him, talked to him... and eventually he split it up equally...
    so then this routine of him comin without money continues..
    and if u are asking urself why we still call him to hang out and shit..
    he calls us, every weekend.. we dont pick up, he keeps calling and calling and calling... we have about 30 missed calls a day from him... and when we do finally answer... he always says he is gna try and get some money, so we are like ok..

    so then it comes to the point where he steals some ancient coin is fathe rhas had, which had been passed down generations in his family, and sells it for about 200... 1 hour later, i kid u not, he spends everything on weed.
    we didnt hear from him that whole week... and at the end of the week, he called us up, wanting to hang out and shit, so we were all like, yea he got money now, maybe he still has weed and shit..
    we meet him in town, first thing he tell us "hey, do u think u could pay me bback some of the weed u owe me"
    we went fucking crazy telling him about all the shit we paid for him and everything..
    nevertheless, we were with him in town, and we went on a weed hunt, it was later, and we didnt have any hookups, so we find some.. only buy enough fo 1 fatty joint.. put most of it in there... keep some for later in the night, and by some i mean like enough for 1 small bowl each..
    we smoke him up, we wanted to go to the movies, but we were 2 bucks short... 2 bucks... -.-
    so we were pissed off, cuz he was supposed to help pitch, and now we couldn even watch a nice movie..
    so then, we buy some drinks with the money instead...
    so as we saying tht we r gna go home and shit..
    he has the balls to ask us if we could give him some weed..
    when we say no.. he says
    why not...
    and he asks again..
    so we got pissed and said no..
    and at this point he had already been asking us if we think the dealer could give him weed in exchange for his watch!
    i mean, it was like he was trying to get weed so badly, he was even gna trade his watch!

    so as we leave he takes what was left from the bottles of alcohol, and says he is gna go find the dealer and ask him if he can get some bud for this alcohol he still has left..
    since then we havent heard from him..

    but fuck.. we are seriously scared..
    i mean, this guys is addicted to weed... im sure he would suck dick for it.
    we are totally shocked cuz i mean... weeed shouldt make u do this.. not weed...
    he would trade anything for it, and he begs ...
    he has spent everything he has on weed, and anything he does get he will also spend on it..
    i mean... we really are freaked out... its like a serious drug addiction we are seeing here..
    but shit.. cmon.. not with weeed...

    so now im unsure of what to do.
    i wanted to post this here cuz honestly... i dont wanna tell other people i know, they will just be too stoned, and the ones that dont smoke weed will try to make him go to rehab... and honestly.. i dont wanna be in a situation where people are like " i told u so.. weed can fuck up ur life"

    so yea.. thats the story.. and i am just plain confused about this kid..
  2. Just tell him to get his own money if he wants to hang out, & you're tired of spending your money on his shit.
  3. Sounds like your friend is addicted to weed. You guys need to sit his ass down and explain to him that hes wasting all of his money on weed instead of dividing it for weed and other things. If he doesn't want to listen to you guys then fuck him, you warned him.
  4. weed?? seriously..ive got a friend with like the exact same problem but he's hooked on heroine..not weed.. needa have a sit down talk wit him sayin how he's givin us stoners a bad name haha
    i was like.. weed?

    fuck man!
  6. tell him to man the fuck up and just because he gots problems dosent mean he can fuck his own life up . hes obviously self medicating his depression and is probly mentally addicted to weed but dude he definately has taken it too far lol. basically tell him to man the fuck up and also stop moochin off your guys shit . best way to handle it tbh
  7. I'd drop the moocher friend who is nowhere to be found when he does have weed/money.

    It'd seem pretty logical to drop those kind of people.
  8. yeah big of a group of people are you chillin with all the time? like the group he's always wantin to kick it with? and how old are you guys?
  9. its usually just like around 4 or 5 of us..
    u know.. closer friends.. but he always comes along.. i mean, it got to the point where we would even have to be like "yo, dont tell him we are gna smoke up today"
    i know it sounds mean, but look at the situation

    and we are all 18-19 years. goin to uni.
  10. that is shitty. i'm not sure what the best thing to do is. he might have to hit rock bottom like users of other drugs before he straightens out.

    i've known a few people that spent every dime they had on weed. they grew up with rich parents, so their food, car, schooling was paid for already. they always worked though, and blew everything.

    one of them friends i know actually just got kicked out of his dads house 2 weeks ago, because his dad realized this was going on. he took away the car and everything, changed the locks and said he wasn't supporting his ass anymore.

    I think it helped my friend, he really hit bottom. Since he didn't have a car he lost his job. Went from a huge house (prob cost around a half mil before all this real estate shit happened) to living with his brother, sleeping on a couch, in a one bed apt. He went from having everything he would ever want, to only having the clothes on his back.

    haha, he quit smoking.
  11. no man i your exact age..bout to head off to uni too..and i've got a friend like yours..the type to where your always saying " hey man dont tell ---- we're smokin" because that person is a mooch or a dbag..

    heres the plan though..out of the 4-5 ppl you chill with..figure out which one is the most blunt/straight up person in the the crazy dude that dont care what anyone thinks and shit and have that dude...tell the mooch to just fuck off...tell em either by textin, face to face, phone call it doesnt matter.. tell the dude he needs help and the shit he's doin is bullshit..your college cant afford to hang out with this dude..tell him harsh, you might feel like an ass but it might help the kid out..straight up
  12. Stop paying for anything, plain and simple. When he asks why just say "We've had enough paying for you all the time"
    Don't smoke him up, just don't pay for shit.
    We have all been there where we just don't have the money that day and so a friend will help us out, but five months? That's not right.

    Just cut him off, no remorse.
  13. Explain to him he doesn't need weed, and to take a tolerance break to prove that you don't need it.
  14. yeah, who does he think he his, fucking up his own life like that lmao.
    The best thing you can do is sit down with him, I had to do the same thing for 3 of my friends cuz they were doing oxys, one dude got 3 grand from a settlement and he blew all his money in 4 days most, probably 3 days. i dont talke to them as much but they need to know that they are doing something wrong.
  15. First off, you have to stop acting so naive of the situation. This guy is a user, all he wants is your money and your weed, and honestly, he probably had money all that time but he just didn't want to say anything because he knew he could get away with guilt tripping you about it, and you would fall for it, and he pulled the same shit for about 5 months according to you.

    Secondly, you act like weed can't fuck up your life at all, that its a cure all drug and everyone that smokes it is going to be fine. Wrong. If you don't treat it right, it will fuck your life up. Weed has the ability to fuck your life up, that doesn't mean it will.

    Make a wise choice and ditch this guy, cause hes not bringing you any good if hes going to rely on you to smoke you up or beg you for a good time. You're his friend, not his dad.

    Peace man.
  16. hahaha next time hes tryin to get in your smokin circle you should ash the blunt on him every time you ash it and then tell him he cant hit your shit
  17. lets hope this kid never gets introduced into coke or heroin, forreal thats some bullshit. stop enabling this douche.
  18. Typical weak-willed junkie bullshit.

    Kick his mooching ass to the curb, get his number blocked, tell him you guys will be chill when he sorts his shit out.
  19. well... the thing with him is he is like scared of everybody..
    i know for a fact he doesnt have money, because i know he is always fighting with his dad (he lives with his dad) and thus never has the balls to ask him for money, and his dad doesnt give him any anyway..

    and just imagine the whole story i just told, but everything he says.. its always in this rly quiet tone... its fuckin scary...

    i mean, this guy used to be cool, used to smoke us up all the time.. but now..

    yea.. so idk what it is in his life... he doesnt really tell us much,
    i guess we always hang out with him cuz we feel bad.. nw we dont buy anything for him annymore... but yea,
    i think im gna sit his ass down and have a talk with him... if he continues... well then we gta dicth him for good.
  20. "im pretty sure he will suck dick" me you can make some money off of that...

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