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  1. hey guys just thought i'd share my friday and saturday with you

    friday started off slow we were still deciding what to do tonight, we were either drinking or gettin e's, we decide to see if we can get any e's so me and my mate get in my friends car and were lookin around for some for like 2 hours and we finally pick some up, we get 11, so i have 3, 2 of my friends have 3 and 1 of my friends has 2 so we head back home all excited coz we knew it was going to be a good night :hello:

    we head onto the "backfield" were everyone was chillin n we pop a pill each and smoke some joints and 2 of my friends have a joint rollin competition heh so we smoke their joints and chill for a bit, we head to the shop about 20 mins after we popped and im still not feelin anythin and neither are my friends, we go back to the field and all 4 of us started feelin different, not the usual "rush" we get off e's but somethin crazy, so we pop another and about 10 mins later im fucking feeling it, so are 2 of my friends and my other friend says he isnt feelin anythin, we pop our last pill each and i split half with my friend coz he only had 2, and my other friend cant take pills at all and ends up being sick and not really feelin anythin all night.

    after that the guy who was sick decides to go chill in his girlfriends house so me and 3 of my friends walk up to this other estate further up the hill and walk around to see if anyones out, and at this time me and my 2 friends are rushin our fucking tits off and my other friend is drunk as a motherfucker

    we decide theres nobody up here so were walkin back down the hill when i find this metal disc, fell off a car or somthing fuck knows but i was walkin ahead of my friends and i pick it up and throw it, and it went SO FAR ahha it was crazy everyone was like wtf? it jus flew for ages and finally crashed into some trees and i was laughin my ass off

    anyway we get back onto our estate and decide to go to the bus stop and roll a joint, where we meet 2 more of our friends and one more gets out of a taxi, as were sat down and my friend is rollin a joint this afghanistan guy called "Nas" drives past, he delivers pizza for his kebab shop "Big mamas". basically big mamas fucking hate every one of us and theyve hit us with bats n shit a couple of times, so nas pulls over and every1 fucking runs off and at this time is was off my head rushin like a motherfucker so i jus sat there and thought fuck it so he pulls up and like half leans out of his door starin at my friends who had ran across the field, so i say 2 him hey nas which one of us do u want and he says in this crazy ass voice "every one of you mudda fuckers" so i start laughin and my friends come back coz they cudnt leave me and Nas is like "you stay away from my side" and all this shit so were like kk and he fucks off

    after this i go the garage, and its one of those 24 hour garage things where if its after 12, you have to stand outside and order through the glass thing, but its like half 11 and the store is still open, i walk up to the bit where you go when its closed and im stood there for like 10 minutes until the shop keepers tells me to come in and im jus like oh shit yeh so i walk in and grab some chewing gum n im queuing up and i look over to the corner of the shop and theres 3 girls, microwavin a pizza in the garage and when i looked at them they are whisperin, and wtf i thought they was plannin to jump me or some shit and it gets me all paranoid ahah and my friends walk in and im like wtf theyre planning! coz we look at them and they are speaking normal but we cant hear them so its like they were whispering, anyways they are queuing up with their pizzas and my friend is stood next to them (we dont know them) and he jus looks at me and says "Im sooooooooo hungry" and stares at this girls pizza and i jus crack up i cant stop laughin for about 15 minutes

    we walk out the garage and im peakin at this point, never rushed as much in my life and my 2 friends felt the same way, one friend caught the bus home and my other we took him home coz he was 2 pissed, anyways 1 more of my friends goes in and its me and my mate jus walkin around with a bottle of water each at 2 in the mornin, so we decide to wake this girl up i like by throwing a stone at her sisters window (the girls room is at the back her sisters at the front) so my friend throws one and misses and he picks another and says ok i wont throw this hard, and he throws it and it nearly fucking smashes the window so we have 2 run off coz every motherfucker heard the noise haha

    after this my other friend sneaked back about and we chill in his house for a bit and im comin downa little so i go to bed, and im lying in bed and all of a sudden, in the fucking bedroom, i see a police car coming towards me and i get all anxoius and im about to say "watch out police!" outloud when im in fuckin bed hah no idea why i saw that it was weird as fuck

    my saturday was a bit shit really got stoned as a mofo in the day then at night it was my friends brothers 18th so we chilled there and got drunk, i was gna write a big ass story of what happened but it was shit and not worth the write up:p

    anyway that was my friday, and overall good night and i reccomend e's to anyone just dont have them often :smoking: :wave:
  2. oh yeh, for some reason when i was peakin, the skunk in the joint smelled disgustin and everytime i took a toke and exhaled, i felt like was going to puke and did the whole gag reflex thing, and i would never do that with weed (i love it 2 much), any idea why?

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