my friday night shroom trip

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  1. wow yesterday was crazy, it started off, me and my girlfriend were gonna go get a 1/4 of weed from one of our dealers, so we pick him up and hes like "i hooked you up fat but the bag is mostly stems, not many caps" we were like what? hes like you wanted mushrooms right we were like ohh no. so we decided to buy them anyway cuz i didnt have to work. we got them for 60 for the quarter, so we were happy as hell, so he only had shrooms but we still wanted weed so we called our other dealer and got a 1/8. so bla bla bla, we eat the shrooms at about 9pm, and we were sittin on the couch watchin scary movie, and like 5 minutes we ate them we were feelin it. i was trippin so hard, harder than i ever off of shrooms or dxm. i had to call my house and tell my parents i wasnt comin home tonight and i just started freekin out i was screamin holy shit i cant handle this (this is at like 10pm) i went up in the bathroom and was so fuckied up, everything was spinnin and vibraten, i seriously thought i was going to die or go to the hospital. oh my its so scary thinkin about it, after that it didnt let down, i fuckin wanted it to go away so bad, it was so strong, this trip made me not want to do acid ever it just scares me now. then we just chilled and tripped out in our own little worlds and waatched movies and shit. insane.
  2. u just need to relax man with ur on zoomers and enjoy the doin an 1/8 of zoomers next weekend should be good
  3. if you ever want to come down drink milk, I hear that works
  4. i heard taking a shower works too, but ill only find out in a week (im getting shrooms for my first trip next weekend) :hello: :hippie: :) :wave: :smoke: :D
  5. was this on acid or shrooms it confuses me

    i think it went bad because u called ur parents , that happened to me a few times, just goto a giant hill and take them and watch the stars, it'll blow ur mind
  6. trip in a place where you feel safe and secure. Play music + just chill.
    I remeber my first time... my friends and I ate haf an eighth and stood on the corner of a street adjacent to a busy shopping center. You could see the place from my house window. Also, it was past 10:00 and there was a curfew in my city. lol, we were such shady kids.
  7. first time i tripped i just sat in the dark and whispered for like 5 hours
  8. You just need to chill. Too many thoughts goin through your head. Get stoned next time before and just eat em and dont think about anything. Ive never had a bad trip, but Im sure it would suck. Next time just think of something mellow and chill. Play a video game or something.
  9. actually dude, the best thing you can do is throw down some beers. a depressant like alcohol is perfect if you journey is too out there. but yea try to prepare your mind before hand, get all work done and another thing is to walk around while your trippin thatll pass the time...also probably the best thing if you have a great friend, play some chill music and have him take you for a ride. my more expereienced friend found me having a bad trip and threw me in the car, hit the highway with the windows down and happy music blasting, it was the best thing i could have had.
  10. damn lol i wish i could get such an intense trip of just an 8th. but sorry to hear about the bad trip dont let it turn you off to shrooms they are to wonderful not to do. only bad trip ive had was when i did an 8th and a 1/2 and then wasnt tripping so i downed half a bottle of some robo god damn never again will i mix the two
  11. I dunno I beg to differ with all of you, my first zoomers trip was 3 weeks ago on a "good dosage" hah, tripped so hard and ventured all over the city, it was a good time, I only have one thing to say, you MUST have a good sense of reality to be on mush....because then you won't freak out, it's just common sense...know what's real and what's not, and you'll have a good time

  13. Sounds like you had fun, lol.

    I've never done shrooms, but I plan to try them out sometime in the future!
  14. I think its fun as hell to fry in places that you don't know where you are because you trip so much harder. That's just me though and I've fried all over the place, from the desert to Disneyland to the local mall to my house. I mostly fry on acid though because I like how awake and alive I feel on it as opposed to shrooms where I'm completely out of my element and I stumble over things and act stupidly. Both are fun as hell though.
  15. me and a friend tripped shrooms on monday night, watching the nightmare before christmas and i must say i had the best time of my life, afterwards we played cs until the wee hours of the mourning. its all about being happy and having a good state of mind
  16. Shit bro. Don't be walking around town with that. I'd be freaking out :p.
  17. did you rail her while you were trippin? what if her pussy turned into a PUSSY. a kitty cat.
  18. the first time i tripped I just had 1.7grams and I was tripping sooo hard! I was camping with some buddies and I went on this hike and I saw this cool cactus and I got so extremely, emotionally attached to the cactus! It was crazy, I cried when we had to go back to the tent, then once we were back at the tent I spent the rest of the trip smoking swisher sweets and dancing to absolutley no music. I think I will always remember that night... It was amazing

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