my freind needs to chill

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  1. ok so theres this one kid mike i love hanging out with most of the time, hes hilarious but when we smoke he just goes overboard. like he squints at you and goes "hwuaayaaaaaaaah!!!" and just kicks you and punches slaps you whatever all over the place.

    another thing he does is like stupid shit to himself but then asks for stuff like one time he demanded everybody throws down some weed for a bowl he would have to himself because without warning he took a metal pen and heated it up with a lighter then burned his arm out of nowhere

    he took a bag of chips from my house and opened it and dumped all the chips on the floor and started rolling around in them

    a lot of times he gets naked then tries waving his dick around eveywhere and mooning everybody its so annoying

    i dont wanna make a big deal out of it cuz hes my friend and hes not like this when were sober but its starting to get really agrivating
  2. sounds fine to me
  3. kick his ass if he does any of that shit again.

    that's just unnecessary, dude.
  4. I'm sure you saw this coming but why do you even hang out with someone like that? I would never associate with someone so stupid
  5. another thing he did, we were at my friends house and he took the cat and closed it in the frig and started beating on the door i mean he only did it for a few seconds but come on. then later that day he put a thing of coolwhip on its head completely covered it then started eating it off
  6. I dont know anyone who has ever done anything like the shit you are describing, this kid obviously has mental issues
  7. i know, it seems so obvious, but then the next day we wont smoke n he's the coolest guy, its so weird:confused:
  8. Has he always been like that?

  9. dude wtf why would you hang out with some douchebag who fucks with cats
  10. There's a chemical inbalance...

    or he's just plain fucking retarded.

    It's your responsibility now to make sure he never procreates.
  11. yeah, cool guy through middle school until we started blazing, like i remember the very first time we got high, he stuck his tongue out and made weird noises moving his tongue around his lips real loud and threw a rock at a car then just booked it. he never did anything like that, i mean he was funny but mostly with joking, not doing crazy shit
  12. Bipolar are his their horrible....

    This explains the dual personalities
  13. Thats insane, he sounds like someone who likes to use being high as an excuse to relinquish all common sense and self control. So yeah sounds like hes kinda putting on an act, unless he really is insane or retarded or something
  14. Next time he tries that dick waving shit punch him as hard as you can right in the dick. If he doesn't stop after that then he just ain't fixable.
  15. I know/knew people sorta like your freind. I would stop smoking with him untill he matures, unless you like dealin with that sorta shit when you could be just chillin enjoying your high
  16. no, actually he does pretty well in school, i mean a c here and there, but he doesn't fail

    one thing i should make clear is that he can be kinda crazy in a funny when sober but its nowhere near as crazy as it is when he's high

    like the other day he goes "i got the munchies hardcore" and pulls out the trash can and starts eating trash, like dirty paper towels and pencil shavings :confused:
  17. Whaaat the fuuuuck?!!
  18. not like he actually thinks its normal to eat trash, just to cause a scene, shock humor type thing. but i mean seriously he swallowed wet paper towels out of the trash can :confused:
  19. lol that is messed up
  20. oh he says why to- its like that fantasy world feeling weed gives you, and everything is hilarious, he says he feels like he's in some hilarious world everything is so much funner and funnier, he says he looks at it as performance art. he's always cracking up the whole time, even when he's like jerking off with ketchup

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