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  1. Ok, I killed 6- 10 plants i had (males) and i believe I will be left with 1. it has started to pre-flower at about 6-7 sets of leaves, so I start flowering last night on 12/12, are there any things I can do to help it along.

    Another question, the seeds I got was from a batch I grew that turned all Hermie on me, but that was my fault, they were 6ft tall and had no buds!!!!!! , so I got about 5 seeds from 1 of those, grew 5 more, mostly all hermies, and now I have this batch. Will this mean that my plant will turn hermie no matter what? if so, should I keep growin it? anybody ever finish off a hermie? do u get the same amount of bud or is it stronger?weaker?
  2. I'm a little confused, as i suspect you are also,
    preflower? a plant will not show any signs of sex either way until the lights have been switched to 12/12 and then nothing will show for at least a week, probably two.
    Hermies do have buds! they also have flowers, that is a hermie. You can grow them until full harvest, just means the resin pods will have seeds in, then you sit for many, many hours picking out the seeds and then smoke the bud.
    Best thing with a definate Hermie (I'm not convinced you have some) is to cut early before most of the pods have the chance of seeding.
    good luck

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