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  1. This is my first attempt to grow weed. i dont know the strain cuz its from bag seed. my plants are 2 weeks into flowering and it turns out 5 out of 7 are female yay ! i have 4 40w flouros. i use a nutrients with NPK ratio of 10-5-7 (i couldnt find any better) should i feed them more??? and should i switch back to Veg or not ?
    **note: pics date 2 weeks ago
    btw I'm new here & I'm looking for any advise here !!! here in iran u can't find good weed easily all u can find is afghan Hash (3grams of hash = 2$) :smoking: i'll post some new pics asap. sry for my bad english :D
    EDIT: that was 3 grams of hash

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  2. I wouldnt change back to veggie if i were you. Your plants are looking healthy and happy for right now. It is always better to try and find a npk of like 20:10:10 or something like that. Nice plants bro.
  3. Theyre looking really good man. 2 dollars for 2 grams of hash... wow. If only it were like that here. Anyway, you can put em back to veg if you want, just make sure you keep in mind that they double in size, and some strains even do more than that, during flowering. I made the mistake of not taking that into account and now I'm worried that my plants gonna hit the ceiling before we harvest it (about 2 weeks from now). Enjoy, it's amazing how fun gardening is when it's bud.
  4. should i change the pots ? i'm scared there wont be enough space for the roots till harvest.
  5. dude i seen in a issue of canibus culture, about 4 months ago of 3 people hanging from cranes in the towns square for pot charges,,,,,,in iran,, the second reason i say to run,,is i think the u.s.,,,, is gearing up to do some shit,,,,THERE.... and it dont look like its going to be nice....:wave: :hello: :mad:
  6. nah thats just propaganda (spell?) ;) . I hate our goverment I'd be Happy if these arabs rulling our country would be off and once again Our Persia Would Shine :hello:
  7. Some new Pics. so any guess on the strain? :confused:

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  8. hmmmm... I've got two questions: first I'm worried about running out of space for the plants roots do you think that the plants will get root bounded? :confused: & my second question is how much will my plants yield ? any suggestion is appreciated
    and btw I'm 2 weeks into flowering
  9. a decent "rule of thumb" is to make sure your container is at least 1 gallon in size for every month the plant is alive. For example, if your plant is going to be 3 months old when flowering, you should have no smaller than a 3 gallon pot.
  10. you do need to change your fertilizer,,,,,your giving them a high nitrogen fert.... if your flowering your done with the nitrogen,,,,,, you need to start giving them a high p solution,,,,,, n.p.k. that middle number is what you need now,,,,, miracle grow bloom booster,,,, is a easily found fert... its a all around good flowering fert.. good luck
  11. MG has more than one bloom booster product with vastly different NPK ratios. One of theirs is 10-52-10, that's the way to go for flowering. Some of their others have too much nitrogen in my opinion.

    And I have no idea what might be readily available in Iran.
  12. Holy shit!
    This is a first grow? Kudos to you bro. Welcome to Grasscity as well. Feel free to post nice pics like that any time. I would say you have an indica to indica dominant plant there. Good luck.
  13. gonna post some pics soon i guess and gonna look for some new ferts oh btw i gave a male & a female to a friend so i can have some seeds for the next harvest. I'm gonna need some info on harvesting & curing so any links suggestions anything is all good. still no guess on my yields from these 4 plants ?
  14. You know you have to seperate the males right? actually just kill the males because #1 they are less potent #2 they make your bud into seeds which happened on my first grow and lemme tell ya it sucked
  15. here are some new pics from my girls! how are they ?

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  16. I cant find where to fix my thread name :eek: fist = first how can i fix this ?
  17. i dont think u can on GC...tho i may be wrong..try editing the original post and see if it changes anything :S
  18. yo man them plants look great. gatta keep us posted. youre from Iran too so i know thats prob gonna be some killer shit compared to the shit in the states.
  19. the plants are doing great.hmmm can I cut the lights to 8 or 10 hours for them to mature faster ? and I read something about flushing ? what is that ? anyone
    damn I no longer have broadband I'm currently on dial up :mad: however I'll post some pics soon, SmknVTEC the link doesnt work here because wikipedia is filtered here...assholes

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