My first water pipe! - and question

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    Once I use it, if I put it in a bag and wrap t-shirts around it, then put it in a subwoofer box (not going to use the sub with it inside) would you be able to smell it? thanks
  2. well if you clean it with iso and salt after you're done using it you'll be fine...depending on how badly you need it not to smell, clean it every time. Or maybe every two sessions....then you should be fine. You wouldn't need the bag or the shirts if you cleaned it.

  3. thanks for the reply man, noob question - what is iso?
  4. No it's cool,'s rubbing alcohol you can find it at the grocery store or walgreen by the pharmacy isle. That mixed with some salt in a zip lock bag...put your smoking device in the bag with that mixture, carefully shake, maybe get some qtips and clean the hard to reach spots. Rinse with water, and dry. SHould be pretty clean.

    You want to clean this thing as often as you can so you can have fresh tasting bud.

  5. Awesome, thanks a ton!
  6. no problem man :bongin:
  7. great first piece bro. if you keep it for a couple years when you get into dabbing, it will make a GREAT piece to dab with, all you gotta do is get a nail and globe.

  8. and a female to female converter.

    nice piece OP :)
  9. My first water pipe I had was much like this one. I have a cajon (it's a type of drum) that has a hole in the back of it. I just put it in there and put the drum inside the case and you couldn't smell it at all.
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    nice piece. i wouldn't put the iso and salt in a bag tho, i would just pour it directly into the piece and shake. i think you'll get a better result. And I'm thinking maybe that thing can fit into a tightvac stash jar. look those things up. basically their air tight containers. pretty smell proof. i keep all my bud in my tightvac in my car, and it never smells up my car or even my glove box

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  11. Waterpipes dont smell very much once the slide is out and all the waters gone. Don't store it in your cars sub box, thats a bad place for it to always be if you're driving.

  12. male to male
  13. Better than my first water pipe!
    But I find those things have such diminishing returns.. not even funny

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