My first vid ever (milk vid with new bong)

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  1. The sound quality is kind of shitty (done with my phone). It's my first ever vid, but I've always wanted to do one :hello: Anyways, I packed a nice bowl for you guys.

    [ame=""]Fat bowl - YouTube[/ame]
  2. i like how the base of your bong doesn't have water. lol. that'd kill me.
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    I smoked 2 more bowls the same size afterwards. It's taking me REAL long to type this. lol

    I snapped my diffuser that went into the base... =/ that's why there's no water in there.. makes for huge rips though.
  4. Where is the downstem? I can't fathom that a double chamber not coming with a downstem.

    Looks like a good piece, I'd just reccomend getting a downstem. Would probably improve your abilities to clear the piece.
  5. Good video, quality milk too!

  6. Yeah it did come with a diffuser downstem, but it snapped in half. Planning on getting a new one soon.
  7. Damn, that sucks. But on the bright side it appears you still have a solid piece, and it will only get better with a new downstem.

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