My first Trip Not a great one

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    Well heres the setting, My rents went on a cruise so my older bro and I (I was 16 he was 19) had the house to ourselves for a week. We wanted a small acid party about 8 good friends. Plan was to trip listen to music, chill, relax and let our minds explore. But it ended up turning to a regular party. Word got out and there all of a sudden was 23 people there. This was my frist trip so i had a general plan of what it was going to be and when people started showing up not only did i not know most of them and was uninformed that most of them were coming. I had aready taken 2 tabs by the time they got there and was confusied when so many people started showing up. Not only were there alot of people i didnt know most of them and they were all older than me and had tripped before and this was a big deal to me at the time. So we ended up getting a couple 30s and set up a pong table and it turned into your standard college party. For the most of the night i was just confused and was trippin really hard and smoked alot. Then while hittin a bong in my garage there was this slam on the door and it was our dealer and 2 of his buddies and the second the walked in they said lets fuck some shit up and went right into the house I had no clue who they were so my mind was just freakin out. The deal had just taken a bite out of a 100 strip and he had been trippin for 3 days straight. So then i was all paranoid about him being there and the party getting bigger. Then his buddy starts smoking inside my house and i tell him to stop and no one took me serious because of my age and i was just trippin balls. So the confusion and paranoia went on for about 3 more hours until i just went to sleep. I ended up not doing any of the things i origionally planned. I think i kind of took my self out of having a good trip with convinsing my self i was having a bad trip and i wasn't calm the entire nite sence there were so many people and i didnt really know most of them.
    Sorry if this doesn't make sence.
    Anyone eles ever have a similar situatuion?

    In a nut shell

    Party was supposed to be small but got big
    Dealer showed up with roudy friends
    I got paranoid and wasn't relaxed
    Older kids fucked with me
    I was confusied
  2. sucks dude. I would have just told everyone to leave.

  3. honestly dude, u should have told all ur real friends to get the fuck out for an hour or two and called the cops, fuck that shit if people were just busting up in my house not listening or nothing fuck that or get all ur boys u were with to get the kids out lol i mean that sucks i would have been pissed

  4. Why did you even let that many people in?
    You could've just told them to fuck off when they knocked at your door.
  5. man tripping my first time i would have freaked out if i was with mad people, i freaked out with one friend haha
  6. Except he was on acid...
  7. You make it seem like people are unable to make decisions for themselves on acid. This is simply not true. I know for a fact if I was in that situation even if I was already tripping I would have told everyone I didn't want there to GTFO.
  8. See man I would have but they were all older than me so i doubt they would have taken me seriously and i didn't want to make my bro look like a puss infront of alll his buds. And that night our house was the only place there could have been a party that night it was the spot to be i guess that night.
  9. dude i wouldve turned the music off and fucking shouted "get out of my house or i'm calling the cops" i would not want people to fuck with my trip. thats just me tho and you probably were in no state of mind to be screaming at people

  10. that doesnt mean shit, if i was on acid and tripping and mad people showed up i would have freaked regardless if i was tripping or not thats how u get ur shit broken/stolen cause people dont give a shit about other peoples property.... bottom line is that if i was that horrible for you then u should have gotten ur friends (the ones not on acid) to try to get people out and if that doesnt work u call the cops/threaten to
  11. that sucks bro, hopefully your next trip will be in better circumstances
  12. you guys are all tellin him he should have manned up and kicked everyone out... come on man.. the kid was 16 and tripping BALLS for his first time... i remember tripping BALLS for the first time. You could see through everyone and pick up on some wicked vibes from people... i mean if i was 16 with a house full of my brothers drunken obnoxious 19 + year old friends trippin out id be a little tripped up too..

    and you always could have escaped to your room for a quick breath/cool down... acid can be cool but if Lucy is gonna start getting nasty with you, you gotta learn how to talk to yourself and clam your mind... easier said then done sometimes though
  13. Dude I'm not stupid. I would of told them to get the hell out as well, But no way in hell could I call the cops...

  14. I was referring to the guy saying he should of called the cops.

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