My first toke

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokiemonster, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Place- My house
    Strain- Some really good hydro

    EDIT: this story is my first toke from when i was 14!

    It all started one day when my brother came home from school, I was laying in my bed and then I heard him coming up the stairs and he came up to me with this tube container, he popped it open and said "hey W, smell this" So I took in a big whiff, the smell of skunk over powered my virgin nose. "what is that!" "thats weed" said my brother. As soon as he left my room I knew I had to try it. So later that night I snuck into his room and found the tube hidden in his sock draw. I took out a little bud, and went back into my room. Nervous as fuck i went searching my room for something to roll it in, i found a piece of loose-leaf and cut out a lil square, I crushed the herb up, sprinkled it into the paper, and then took a lighter to it. The only thing i felt was midly tired, and then 5 mins later I was passed out. And that was the beggining to my weed smoking .

  2. i've never heard of the strian- some really good hydro

    you better pay your bro back.

    do you think you got high?
  3. Sounds like a bad way to start it off... with stolen weed (from family) out of some paper.
    Hope next time will be better and not ill-gotten.
  4. You stole teh weed from your fam.
    Smoked out of paper.

    Congrats man, but there are betters ways to do it.
    Look into blunts.
    And hydro is not a strain.
  5. lol free weed is always good
  6. lol this is from a while back, im 26 now, that was when i was 14, and i didnt know the strain. so i just put some really good hydro...
  7. wow this is a serious thread, its like the whole meaning of the post was missed. good story, do you think you passed out from the weed or the looseleaf :)
  8. I don't think he's still new to smoking he was just sharing his experiance ..

  9. lol i think it was the loose leaf, well the loose leaf acually gave me a killer head ache,, the weed did very little it was my first time though so i dont really kno.

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