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  1. Yeah so I'm bored right now and I'm high so I just thought I might like to tell everybody about my first time...So I was always a little neutral with weed, in the beggining, I thought it was horrible and hated it. But then, over time, I really wanted to try it! For a while, I was so eager to try it out. I knew a lot of kids who smoked, but I never had the guts to ask if maybe I could try smokin with them. But then a year later I was a freshmen...and I finnally got ta try smokin bud. So I did at this kids house who was now a homie of mine. He was like, "Alright man, I got some bud, you wanna try this shit out?" So i did, and I did'nt feel shit. So then exactly one week later, he gets a dub from this kid in our class. I went over, and I smoked for my second time...this time my homie rolled me a joint, and him one.
    So we sneak into the garage around 1:00am and sat on his couch he had in there. I smoke my joint, and finish it before my friend finished his. but I'm really not feeling anything.
    So we walk outside of the garage and we start to walk over to his garden. He still has his in joint in his hand, so I'm like "Yo could I get a puff of your j man?" and he just says "Dude I'm already blaaazed you can have the rest..." And there was still like about 1/4 of the joint I smoked his. And then it hit me. I was standing there lookin at my friend, then I turned my head, and BOOOOOOM! I was feeling it...I thought I was in a dream, or was in a dream, I dunno it was the usual crazy high. Well, I'm standing there trippin out and shit and my friend is like "DO YOU HERE THAT?", and I then i listened closely and heard a cough. We walked to the front and looked, and saw this guy running out of his house and coughing. It was reallly weird but then his mom came out at the same time while I'm trippin out looking at this guy coughing. She says, "Why are you guys out here?" and my friend is like "We're just walking..." And she frowns and says "What's that smell gus?" (my friends name). And he kind of yells back and says "NOTHING!", and we ran off. His mom was a bit suspecias, but we didnt care, we were just glad we were gone. Anyway, we ran around the neighborhood a bit and came back. That was my first high. Anyways I'm 18 and senior now and I have been smokin bud ever since!
    Sorry if theres any errors or anything, I'm realll baked right now.
  2. That's how it hit me the first time I got high. It was like what I was seeing had to catch up to where my eyes were looking. That first turn of the head... the very first time you notice that you're high... is so cool!
  3. the first time i smoked wasn't the first time i got high. i was always pretty fair towards weed. to be honest, up til my junior year i dind't know shit about it. i WAS a good kid, so the first couple times i tried smoking i bought off someone i knew and he didn't tell anyone, and neither did i. i smoked about a gram and had nothing. but then, about a week or 2 later i hit up a bowl with some of my best buds and got ripped like a piece of tissue paper in a hurricane. i can't even imagine how i looked, i just remember everything was hilarious and i enjoyed the hell outta myself that night. good times. Now i don't care who knows i smoke lol thank god i fell into a party group senior year. it made high school somewhat fulfilling :D
  4. Yeah. First time I got high was when we smoked a blunt of dro and fishbowled a car. I didnt know what I was in for. After we finished, I didnt feel anything. So we started driving around then bam. My whole body is feeling this throbbing. Bum..Bum..Bum..Bum. It was intense. The cool wind in my face made me feel like I was weighless. I didnt want to walk anywhere. I couldnt. lol. I had the twitches like a mofo. It was the best high Ive had.
  5. I remember my first time high. My friend asked me if I wanted to smoke a bowl her so i was like alright. After smokin the bowl we start watching beavis and butthead and I'm tryin not to laugh(didn't want her to think i was a lightweight) and then butthead was like "shut up beavis before i cram this remote up your butt... sideways." I bust out laughing so hard. Then I went in the bathroom and started staring into my eyes and in my pupil i see a reflection of myself. Stared for a few minutes and then went home
  6. I had done it like 5 times before it worked, i didnt inhale right or i didnt take enough.
    The first time it worked i decided id do a dime bag by myself. Once i finished it all i didnt feel different except like numbness in my body and a little twitching. i remembered that when my friend told me to watch itunes visualizer when high. I listened to a song for like 3 min. and then BIATCH it hit me. i was laughing SO hard and i kept turning around and pointing to the computer like someone was in the room with me and I wanted them to see the screen. then my friend called me and i cracked the fuck up i couldnt even get a word out and i ended up chilling with him afterwards. Fun, fun stuff
  7. man......the first time i did was with some was on a day the fair just friends wanted me to smoke with them for the first time......i was all cool with it cause i have been around it all my life, one of my friends little sister was there, we were trying to keep her away, so we told if she was good and stayed in the room and watched her movie we would take her to the fair later......she said ok.......we got high......we took her to the fair, i had cotton mouth like a fuckin bitch, i spent like fucking 15$ on just some damn drinks......anyways so my friend ended up gettint in trouble because she was not suppose to take her sister out........funny shit.......i think it was.....:smoke:
  8. i dont know the first time i ever got high was in seventh grade like 6 years ago with my friends like 20 year old brother haha good times i wish i still got high like i used to...:devious:

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